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  1. More updates: *New style passport received Mar 23rd - Passport Card Mar 31st - Received NC in brown envelope Excited to be all done, and can relax now
  2. Adding some more data point for everyone Feb 25th - Submitted application at USPS after Naturalization Ceremony. Routine Service. Mar 7th - In process. Locator 42. Mar 21st - Passport in hand. I stopped tracking daily after the 7th, so i'm not sure when it was approved. I just opened my mailbox on the 21st, and there it was
  3. Congratulations on getting the interview completed! And yes i did, thankfully. I got the notice on 02/11, and my oath ceremony was scheduled for 02/25
  4. 2:35pm. And there were still some people in the waiting room when i let the building at 3:30
  5. I had my interview yesterday, and was approved. I wrote about it here:
  6. I had my interview yesterday afternoon. I arrived about 20 minutes before my interview like the letter suggested. I noticed there was a line in front of the building, so i got close and asked and apparently we were all scheduled for our citizenship interview for the same time. It was about 25 of us in the line, we went through the security TSA style check in, then had our picture and biometrics taken as proof that you attended the interview. After that, i was given a ticket and asked to wait with everyone else in a waiting room. I waited for about 25 minutes before the officer called my name. One thing i noticed was that, it seems the order with which we were being taken in was already assigned to the officer, and was not based on how early you got into the line. Instead you were being called based on how quickly the officer finished the previous interview. Anyway, we made small talk as the officer walked me to her office. She was very professional, and stoic. She swore me in, asked for my greencard (which was the only document she asked for) and we took the civics and history test: - What Territory did the US purchase from France? - How long do we elect a president for? - Who resided in America before Europeans? - What was the main concern of the US during the Cold War? - What was the reason Colonists came to America? She typed my responses. We did the reading and writing part. Then we went over the yes/no questions. I had 3 speeding tickets from 2018, which i got dismissed after deferred disposition but i mentioned them on my application as was advised here. But because i had basically responded yes to the citation, found guilty, and deferred disposition questions, she said the system was showing it like i had 15 tickets. So she deleted them and told me i didn't even have to include them at all. After that, she confirmed some of my other responses on my application. Then she told me i was getting approved and congratulated me. There were some uncomfortable long pauses in there, as she read through my application and the room was eerily quiet. She circled approved on a sheet of paper that was attached to my whole immigration file that they had. Then she started giving me information on the ceremony that she would try to get me in for Friday. As we were having that conversation, another officer walked in and said the cutoff time for the ceremony for this friday was 3:30. But he said the next one will be in February as well, possibly in two weeks and on a Friday. She told me not to get in trouble before my ceremony and then walked me out to the exit. I walked to my car, checked my status on the USCIS website and it already updated to "My Oath Ceremony will be Scheduled"
  7. My interview was scheduled for Feb 2022. Now to resume studying again haha
  8. Got an update today that my interview was scheduled for Feb 2022. San Antonio Field Office
  9. Based on what i've been reading by other interviewers the last couple months, i don't think they'll allow your spouse and child to even enter the building. Sure you can bring them along for moral support, and they can explore San Antonio while you go in for the interview haha. Good luck on the interview!
  10. Give it about 24 hours to update. Please check the document section as the previous comment suggested. Use a desktop as well, if you aren't
  11. It varies by local office. Congratulations, and good luck!
  12. Not necessarily day and night, but i'd plan to be in San Antonio till about 2pm
  13. Congrats! Based on others' responses, San Antonio does same day ceremonies. You're likely to get one if your interview is before 11am
  14. But when exactly did you become a resident? When did you get your Green Card?
  15. There have been some reports of same day oath after interview. Chances are really high if your interview is in the morning, and i believe on a Monday. Congrats on the interview schedule!
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