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  1. Interview was today. we got denied. Consul said from the get go that we didn't have enough evidence [photos and chat logs]. With application, I sent 2 to 3 pics per trip...there were 7 trips between first in person meeting and time of filing. I also sent 17 double side pages of phone log/conversations spanning 14 months. Today, we also took pics of last 2 trips post filing and additional logs. She still said it wasnt enough. She asked some Qs and then sent us to another area where we both got interview separately...him longer than me. Of note, the mother of his two daughters and I have the same last name. The investigator asked me what was my relationship with her: I said none that I'm aware of. Later on, my fiance told me he was told it was too coincidental that both women share same last name. Investigator told me after all his questioning that he had proof that we were a fraud and that I was only doing him a favor and that as a US citizen with children I needed to think and tell the truth. I said I was very secure in my relationship with my fiance and to add to his previous questions of why we didn't get married sooner it was for that very same reason, we wanted to foment a relationship and ensure matrimony is what we wanted. So, he sent us back to consul who after another lengthy wait, told us he's ineligible for visa... reason listed in page: fraud, misrepresentation... Speaking with my fiance on all the Qs, we provided same answers using similar/same exact responses. Devastated....yeah...I'm boarding my flight back to NYC with an unexpected outcome. that's my sin for the day: I was sure it was gonna be an approval.
  2. No problem in answering. The DR portal: Click on portal and look for DR flag or choose from drop down menu. There's also the regional forums: caribbean...which I believe it's where this thread originated. I'm on cell...so my view it's limited.
  3. Hello Rob, read my answers in CAPS...not yelling at you. Just to differentiate from your wite up. Also, a few posts back, I answered these Qs for someone else. Good luck.
  4. No need for additional pics. However, tell him to bring to USA a minimum of 6 pics for AOS paperwork. It's cheaper there 😜 You can PM me.
  5. 1st...BREATHE. it's not as bad as it seems. When you pay the $265 that covers the VAC and the interview. The medical is $275 paid on day of examination. I recommend paying in dollars as the value changes daily. To VAC he takes: 1)Passport 2)Cedula 3)Ds 160 confirmation page 4)Appt letter: the letter will have both VAC and interview appt listed To medical he takes: 1)passport 2) cedula 3) Ds 160 confirmation page 4) appt letter 5) confirmation email from NVC...if not, print out from CEAC that says at NVC or in transit 6) your address and phone # 7) vaccines record card [if he has it] 😎 $275 and extra cash for vaccines if he's gonna have it there
  6. Thank you both. That's what I gather. Since the plan is to get married within the 90 days and hopefully submit packet as well πŸ™πŸΎ.
  7. Buenos dias, In reading about AOS, I see some people also complete/send I-130. Please clarify why. Thanks.
  8. They'd hold it. Have him call anyways and inform them.
  9. On date of examination, they'll tell him when to pick up, which is about a week later [5] business days. Also, when scheduling VAC and interview, double check that those days are neither US nor RD holidays.
  10. Processing what exactly? I'll have $11 handy just in case then πŸ™„
  11. You're very welcome. Thanks πŸ™πŸΎ...yes, I'm going. Never heard of that fee or anyone mention it. What is that?
  12. Yes, you can do medical and VAC on same day. However, medical is first come first serve. Depending on day and amount people, it may take 2 or 6 hours if he arrives at center by 7AM. I don't recall what time is the last appt at VAC, but they start at 7AM. There's a place nearby VAC that stores cellphone for a fee...RD$300 maybe. You dont have to wait for shipping to embassy to schedule neither VAC or interview. Just make sure you schedule VAC and interview for future with plenty of time in between to allow NVC to do its thing. For example: we got NOA2 on 2/7, submitted DS160 and paid fee 2/22 [I paid online with my DC] and started viewing calendar for available appts. While there was plenty of VAC appts even for 2/25, March calendar for interview was filled. I called the 202 # on 2/25 and got well schooled by a rep on how the calendars worked. On 2/27, I woke up and checked calendars...april had opened up for interviews with only two days available...you bet your butt i booked the 2nd available date for our interview. VAC was 3/4. Our file got to NVC 3/8, case # assigned 3/11, shipped 3/19, embassy received electronic file on 3/20 and physical file on 3/22, medical completed 3/25, results 4/1. Interview... Here we come πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ In re to mailboxes, I dont know anything about it. I've chosen the VAC for passport pick up. Call or email mailboxes for more info.
  13. Congrats to the current 'in transit.' The others, check after 12PM EST.
  14. Hello, please confirm/add needed documents to bring on day of interview: ---Beneficiary birth certificate (extensa) ---appt confirmation letter ---DS 160 confirmation ---Carta de antecedentes penales ---passport and cedula ---NOA2? ---medical exam envelope ---I-134/W2s and tax transcript for last 3 years/employment letter ---proof of ongoing relationship ---new letters of intent ---??? ALSO, 1) what is packet 4? except for an email from embassy stating that beneficiary can now start process we haven't gotten anything else. 2) if beneficiary's children are not coming now, do we need to take their BC's to interview anyway? Gracias.
  15. I 5hought about that afterwards 🀣 But he can rest now knowing this leg of the journey is completed.
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