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  1. Juniser

    Moscow appointment

    Do you mean Jan 24th interview ? You just posted this info that you just got that interview appointment and that seems like very short notice. As LenaT posted the medical admin phone number, try calling them near lunch time after the holidays. During other working hours the staff is overwhelmed. Things have really changed in my experience over the last 3 years. The medical admin staff has been reduced greatly in the last year. They will have your email request. It appears you really need to get their attention asap because of the embassy appointment short notice. Just try before and after lunchtime Moscow time.
  2. Part of the information that we gave the Embassy for Pony Express delivery was the beneficiary's Russian cell phone number. For two separate instances of visa delivery in two different years, the Pony Express courier made cell phone contact to the beneficiary to make sure a good time for delivery.
  3. Juniser

    Attending interview in Russia

    Well I stand corrected. I petitioned my stepson and went to the interview and because he is a minor and I filled out the documents, the CO asked me if everything in the documents I filled out for the minor child was correct and gave my fingerprints. I incorrectly made a bad assumption with my previous comments with regard to the more normal situation of an adult beneficiary. Makes total sense that the adult beneficiary gives the oath and fingerprints. But this does bring up a very good point then, if a minor child is the only beneficiary involved then being there as petitioner at the interview is really important for the oath and fingerprints.
  4. Juniser

    Attending interview in Russia

    I assume you are the Petitioner for your wife's I-130 immigration visa. The Petitioner is absolutely permitted to attend the Embassy interview. In fact, it will be you as Petitioner to give your fingerprints and say to the CO that everything in the documents are true.
  5. Juniser

    Medical Exam (Russia)

    We stayed at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel. Everyone speaks English there. Great breakfast and coffee. Nice pool, hot tub and spa. Right next to Kievskaya metro station. Takes 8 mins on Metro, then 10 min walk to Embassy. Close to the medical administration (your first visit) and medical hospitals (for the actual medical exam). Close to Arbat Street acros the river. Right next to Europe Square mall full of anything you might need to get or eat or buy.
  6. Juniser

    Medical Exam (Russia)

    Having a child makes a difference with the medical in Moscow. I forgot the actual test that they do, but it will be in the instructions you get. That one test for the child requires 48-72 hours before med docs are ready for embassy. We had Moscow Embassy appointment on a Thursday. This did require the first medical visit on Monday. This is where they applied something to the child's skin on their arm. We were told to come back Wednesday after 48 hours for the doctor to check the arm. If there is hardly any reaction, they will finish the medical docs, and in our case because I was an American who was there (I think), they gave me the sealed medical docs to take to the Embassy. I don't know what the options are if there is some kind of other reaction to the child's special test.
  7. I logged in to my IR-2 profile so anyone reading my information can easily see my IR-2 timeline for reference. All the information I learned from Russian immigration attorneys and described in this thread really did work for our case where we never could get the Russian father's permission letter and the father decided to accept paying alimony after 10 years of not paying anything. It took awhile to learn everything I described so that is why we ended up in an IR-2 Visa situation versus getting a K-2 Visa one year earlier. In addition, because I am the US Citizen step-father and IR-2 petitioner, I felt it was of great importance that I go to Moscow and stand in front of the US Embassy CO with my step-son and swear that all documents were truthful and give my fingerprints. The CO had a huge smile on his face during the 5 minute interview asking me only two questions about my marriage and then said to my step-son to enjoy your new life in the USA.
  8. There is absolutely no reason to complain about PD+1.5 years being slow for the F2A category to get their NOA2. The F2A visa is not available for application consideration until around PD+2 years at this time. There is a very important reason why the NOA2 timing for the F2A visa is controlled at PD+1.5 years at this time with the F2A visa available currently at PD+2 years: it's for the children being protected by CPSA from aging out of this visa category and then having to wait 5-7 years for a visa. Notice that the difference between NOA2 and visa availability is about 6 months. What this does is across the board is to protect the LPR children's F2A category status if the child's PD occurs before the child is 20.5 years old. This is very generous administration of the US immigration system for LPRs. This is to be congratulated and not complained about please.
  9. Juniser

    NOIR - help please!

    They made a huge issue of this by wording the NOIR such that the alleged ex-wife "holds an ID card bearing his name" when in reality they only see a link in a computer system which resulted from the previous marriage. The link still being there does not mean the alleged ex-wife "holds an ID card bearing his name" nor does the link being there is evidence that he still MUST be married. This NOIR really over-reached using bellicose wording, especially in this sentence, towards a conclusion that your case is being rejected. It is simply not true that they know that the alleged ex-wife "holds an ID card bearing his name". You've got lots of ammunition to fight back with a rebuttal. Just think an attorney with rebuttal experience will be worth the money to make your case as strong as possible that you have been treated with unfairness as demonstrated by the above over-reaching bellicose and untruthful wording in your NOIR. You have less than 30 days now for a rebuttal.
  10. Juniser

    NOIR - help please!

    In Point III of the NOIR it says: "The beneficiary alleged ex-wife is still registered under his name and hold and ID card bearing his name." Which I think has a typo and should be: "The beneficiary alleged ex-wife is still registered under his name and holds an ID card bearing his name." So I do not see this point being discussed yet: How did the Consul Officer determine that the alleged ex-wife holds an ID card bearing his name !!! Either the US Pakistan consulate is seriously using intelligence operatives to gain that knowledge about the ex-wife ... OR ... this point made by the consul officer is just pure made-up bs to "pile-on" reasons to reject. Either way ... this NOIR appears to be doomed for reasons unknown.
  11. Sorry ... I just can't resist adding this tidbit for us Americans: If in Russia when applying for the replacement passport and the government employee says it will take 2 months, these are code words for "I want more rubles". Ask how much it will cost for different processing times. You are in Russia and dealing with a Russian government employee ... this is a negotiation. And I have done this. I get the employee name, supervisor name and right their in front of him, I called his cellphone and he has my cellphone number. Then I pay him off (and he pays his supervisor too) and he is really working for me now. Two weeks later I got a 10 year Russian International Passport (5 year is normal) for my son who also has not met Russia's military requirements. So getting the Russian replacement passport quickly in your case is not going to be a problem ... because you are in Russia !!! However, they must take your old passport from you as I mentioned before, which is part of the speeding up process.
  12. I-129F NOA2 to get to NVC takes about one month for some unknown reason. Then magically in two to three days at the NVC, it gets sent to US Embassy Moscow. Then one week later, the DS-260 will be ready for you to fill out. So once you get your NOA2, time to get replacement passport.
  13. Yes, you answered your own question quite well. It is really good that you visited many times together with the current Russian passport. Your many visits helps your consul interview immensely. So that passport has done its job quite well. Make sure to copy every page of your current Russian passport and save them digitally as well. You will want to keep as important documentation for future use. Do this because in Russia when she applies for a new Russian International Passport containing the "Ксения" and "Kseniya" surnames, they will take her current passport from her. So here are the particulars on the K-1 visa. Once the K-1 visa is in the passport, previous visas are invalidated. Your multi-visit visa days are finished for awhile. The K-1 visa is a ONE time entry visa to the USA. She has to stay in the USA and marry you within 90 days and you apply for adjustment of status (AOS) with travel and work authorization. She has to stay in the USA until she gets the travel authorization in her hand in about 3 to 4 months after you file the AOS. If she leaves the USA before getting the travel authorization in hand (or has emergency authorization) , loads of problems occur ... just don't do it. Back to the new Russian International Passport containing the "Ксения" and "Kseniya" surnames: it's a matter of timing when to get it. In Russia getting a replacement passport (that's what this is because it is correcting a name) in a major city area takes no longer than 4-6 weeks. You just need the replacement passport before the approved I-129F gets to the US Embassy Moscow for processing and it is time to fill out the online DS-260 visa and alien registration application and entering in the new replacement passport's control number along with surnames "Ксения" and "Kseniya". So information is king and you two can now determine the timing of getting the replacement passport.
  14. The AOS (Affidavit of Support) should clearly show a US Citizen Sponsor with USA domicile. There is no reason to make this complicated as you are suggesting (writing her Pakistan address but will mention that she will move to US before nov 2018). It is truthful and very appropriate that you use your US Citizen Sponsor's USA address in the AOS. As you said, your USC wife is living with you temporarily.
  15. I wrote to you in detail about getting her a new Russian International Passport now (using "Kseniya") for her heritage because you have shown with your writing quoted above that deep down this is an important issue for her. Russians are known for their endurance of suffering and mostly being quiet about it (hence this is the Russian smile ). Please have her get a new Russian International Passport using "Kseniya" to solve her suffering as she becomes an American