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  1. d24v

    k1 filers - NOV-DEC 2018 NOA2-->Consulate.

    Ok, good to know. My "last updated" is currently the day they emailed and said they had changed my mailing address, and I've been wondering if it'll change again when they finally pop that P3 in the mail. I swear this wait is worse than the damn NOA2.
  2. d24v

    k1 filers - NOV-DEC 2018 NOA2-->Consulate.

    You tried sending before receiving earlier in the month too, right? Did your case update on the case tracker for the day P3 was sent out? I'm impatient and want to game it, but I'm trying to be smart about the day...
  3. d24v

    k1 filers - NOV-DEC 2018 NOA2-->Consulate.

    I wonder if it’ll be two weeks from there before they get to the next cohort. I love you Canada but wow you are slow.
  4. d24v

    Police Certificate

    I don’t think Toronto has updated since the US made the privacy act one the requirement. https://www.torontopolice.on.ca/background-checks/fingerprint-requirements.php I would assume you need to attend at RCMP detachment to do it if that’s where they were sending the people with a possible match on the original check.
  5. d24v

    Border to USA from Montreal Experience

    It was interesting; I flew from Logan to Pearson today and my time through security was the fastest it has ever been. I was expecting a gong show but was pleasantly surprised!
  6. d24v

    Do I need to do 2nd dose for MMR for K1 interview?

    I got MMR, Tdap and flu shot all on the same day through public health. Essentially if it was a vaccine and free, I took it lol.
  7. d24v

    Ontario Birth Certificate

    It would be helpful if the language was consistent with the Ontario ordering site (birth certificate; birth certificate with parental information; certified copy of birth registration) and the US reciprocity information, but based on this, the answer should be either/both. One is $25; the other is $35. Just be careful with processing times; for whatever reason they seem to be backlogged and have a note up to contact them for urgent requests, otherwise delivery can take 11-12 weeks.
  8. d24v

    Ontario Birth Certificate

    This one. Mine took longer than I would have liked (nearly two months!) but I got stuck in the land of postal strikes.
  9. d24v

    POE Question

    I fly through Pearson all the time and have never had to pick up my bags before connecting.
  10. d24v

    POE Question

    It shouldn’t. They will have x-rayed the bags, have record of the number checked, and will ask you questions about them if needed. If anything you would have a slight delay at customs while they wait for your bags to arrive (though this normally doesn’t happen in Toronto by the time you walk through the airport and wait in the inevitable line at US connections).
  11. Montreal. Contact the immigrant email address.
  12. I only show one case under my number. It’s probably a glitch?
  13. d24v

    $$$$ Moving your Stuff to USA from Canada

    Yeah I’m not 100% sure just because U-Haul and U-Pack are both .coms vs. .cas; if the prices are CDN, that would be a bonus. I always assume anything .com is in USD, even though the rentals originate in Canada. The prices would at least be comparable if U-Pack was in USD and U-Haul was CAD...
  14. d24v

    k1 filers - NOV-DEC 2018 NOA2-->Consulate.

    Very curious if the 12/12 and 12/26 cohorts are going to receive P3 at the same time (or if some 12/12s already have but not all). My original P3 guess for 12/26 was next week but who knows now 🤷🏼‍♀️
  15. d24v

    $$$$ Moving your Stuff to USA from Canada

    U-Pack from Alberta to Connecticut is quoted at $2,400 (let's assume the quote is in USD). U-Haul quote (up to 8 days and 4,894km) for a 10' truck is $3,486 (which again, I'm assuming is USD and holy ####### that's criminal considering you still have to fill that thing with gas). A U-Haul U-Box is quoting at $3,290.95. Again I am assuming this is in USD, but I am super unclear on why anyone would pick them over U-Pack if they come in at nearly a grand more. I've been intending to go with U-Pack unless there is a cheaper (but not sketchy) option out there that I having considered...