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  1. if there are any issues they get in touch with you when your urine, blood, x-ray results are ready. if everything is fine they send your medical file straight to the embassy.
  2. theafons

    Financial Proof Questions/Employment letter

    Guys! What international shipment service did you use to send papers from US to UK? ..within few days preferably?
  3. we filled out this form before medical. answered no and added "VACCINATION RESULTS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOLLOWING SCHEDULED MEDICAL EXAMINATION"
  4. So we got copies of 2017 tax return. It is 1040 form along with w2, i guess. What are tax transcripts? It seems we can get them online, not sure if there is any difference..?
  5. His 2017 tax return is a few thousand above 125%, 2018 December paystubs show around $5000 more.
  6. Good to know, thanks! Will try booking mine online today.
  7. Employed means to have a paid job. I personally don't think she was employed so her volunteering is just an experience, not an employment. I wouldn't count it as part of her employment history.
  8. Is it ok to pay for the interview by credit card?
  9. theafons

    In Administrative Processing for 3 weeks now

    Why did it eventually take them so long? Any particular reason?? Congratulations! 💐 when are you travelling? 🙃
  10. Oh I seeeee. 😄 Thanks!
  11. theafons

    Can you use UK fiancé's savings for support?

    That is a lot 😄
  12. This is how mine looks, I guess I have to pay first to see the calendar? Was you website green or purple? I know its suppose to be purple for non-immigrant but it takes me to immigrant right after I sign in.
  13. theafons

    Can you use UK fiancé's savings for support?

    Any specific/average numbers? How much is enough for savings?
  14. I am trying to book my interview at the London embassy, the first one available is in two days 😄 , which is a bit early for us. Does it usually show only the first one available without any options to choose from? Has anyone recently booked one for February? Should I be checking it every day and wait for an update? There are courier pick up locations available and I am wondering if we select one from the list and later the embassy will notify me with the pick up date? Do I need to get in touch with one of the chosen courier locations, register with them and ask deliver passport in to my house? 🙃
  15. I quess I am just overwhelmed jumping from one link to another. Thank you for your patience. I found a different link few days ago, I guess for 2019 upcoming update? What do you think? https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines It says: "The 2019 poverty guidelines are in effect as of January 11, 2019. Federal Register notice forthcoming. Publication is delayed due to temporary closure of federal offices."