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  1. Just checked on mine, they require us to mail documents (green card/passport/completed form) but with my recent experience with USPS. I will wait until they finally decide to reopen. Offices have been closed since March.
  2. Card mailed today. Looks like it took about 2 weeks for me since approval. I should receive next week hopefully
  3. Thats great news! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully I will get mine in a few weeks.
  4. Not sure. Uscis website states I’m an LPR when case is approved so I think I am lol. I haven’t tried to claim any benefits like full Drivers license yet. Waiting for the card to arrive to avoid any drama as DMV appointments are hard to get these days with COVID. Also will probably need it to apply for SS card without restrictions. Passport stamp is for international travel Before card arrives.
  5. Correct regarding card delays. Not expecting mine anytime sooon. Officer mentioned this could take 3 month to produce but I could call if an emergency popped up. If you plan to travel you can ask for the passport stamp but I didn’t try because seemed pointless with COVID. I received my physical approval notices today.
  6. Thank you! Status never changed to interview scheduled. It went for case was accepted to approved. Mail was sent to wrong apartment number but my neighbor brought it to me (and my lawyer received a copy 3 days later). We got lucky because interview date was a week after letter was received. Very small window that I would've missed if my neighbor didn't deliver to me.
  7. Thank you!!! I’ll still lurk the threads to see others share good news. happy to answer messages if I can help anyone!
  8. Approved in interview. Waiting for case to be updated. Officer said not to expect card in hand soon because of furloughs and contractor issues. Good luck to everyone
  9. Approved in the interview! Waiting for the case update which she said could take a day or two. Also mentioned they were going on furlough in 12 days Good Luck all!
  10. I got mine too. PD Nov 15th Interview is next week. Good luck!!
  11. Got mail showing Interview scheduled for next week. Case never updated on website. Mail was actually sent to the wrong address but USPS was able to get it to me. 🙂
  12. Responded to RFIE for bonafides and medical last week, hoping for a waived or scheduled interview soon.
  13. Just got an RFIE advising to go ahead with the medical and send in proof of marriage. Seems they are processing without interviews now.
  14. EAD, and passport. I also previously had a state ID so I brought it. Takes 1-4 weeks after verification of documents.
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