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  1. Mailed our packet off yesterday, so I'm joining the thread! Good luck to everyone!
  2. I haven't gotten any email from the NVC about the shipment, though mine also says "In Transit." I think not getting one or it being delayed by a few days is normal.
  3. UK filers ( @O-J and @MancRed I know are in this thread) here's this week's shipment: http://www.dhl.com/en/express/tracking.html?AWB=3583182293&brand=DHL
  4. I believe that's just a generic message and the interview date portion doesn't apply to our type of visa. You do have to schedule the interview yourself with the Embassy after they receive it.
  5. Update on our case: CEAC case tracker now says "IN TRANSIT" 🎉🎉🎉 Our case is finally going to the Embassy! Anyone also going through this, don't lose hope. Stay on top of things and you WILL get through it!
  6. Here's to hoping you have your new case number soon! Keep calling them to check up on it. Best of luck ❤️
  7. Heads up to any who have their NVC case number: shipments to embassies go out tomorrow/Wednesday! We're hoping ours is in there. Fingers crossed for everyone! 🤞
  8. Thank you for sharing! It's comforting to not be alone in this. Personally, I think that you should continue calling USCIS to see if your petition has been mailed. And then once they say it has, start calling the NVC to see if it has arrived. Submitting the research request is good, hopefully that ensures that there starts to be some movement with your case. Since the NOA2 is mailed from the east coast, maybe it's taking a while to get to you, but it does seem strange that they would have sent one over a week ago and you still haven't gotten it. I got mine within a few days of the date printed on it. Keep us updated! And best of luck ❤️
  9. We haven't gotten any email notifications from NVC, only responses to inquiries. I've given them our email addresses using the Ask NVC form, but still no email notifications from them. Luckily neither of us want to have a wedding ceremony, so we're free to get married at any time! We'll probably have a reception-type party with family and friends when his family is able to come over to visit us, which should be shortly after we get married ❤️
  10. Agreed about the people who aren't on VJ! Though it would be interesting to see how many people in the process are on here, because I can't imagine getting through this without this resource. Additionally, the CEAC site still says "At NVC" for our case number, but I'm not sure at which point that updates to say "In Transit." I'm just trying to stay on top of things because of issues we've had, and as of now it could easily be an entire year between NOA1 and POE for us.
  11. Looking at timelines, 6 people have put that theirs was in this shipment: So some of them must be wrong, and there's a chance that ours isn't in this shipment. At first glance, it looks like maybe Joe & Mischelle have an incorrect departure date? If I call the NVC in the morning, will they tell me whether my case has been shipped?
  12. Yep - figured out that I needed to expand the date range like this, and it worked: *EDIT: I do have another question, though. The shipment details say it contains 4 pieces. Is that the number of visa petitions the shipment contains?
  13. I'm seeing lots of timelines that say their package left the NVC for London yesterday, 1/22/19. However, when I search DHL's website, it finds no results for shipments to London yesterday. Here are my search parameters: Am I doing something wrong?
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