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  1. When i was married the first year my husband wasnt home in the US yet and it is perfectly fine to file as head of household if you want to. Look it up in IRS. If you maintained the household and you did not live together for more than half the year than you are good to go. Pretty sure this still stands for those in that situation although you may be looking to file married to use for part of this process.
  2. My husband from Iraq and I married on the first visit in Iraq. We spoke for just under a year online and phone/video calls. My first trip i spent 3 weeks. We were married 10 days after my arrival. It was our intention to get married when planning the trip. When i arrived home i began gathering any and all evidence possible( excerpts of our communications and. communications with family and friends showing knowledge and acceptance of our relationship(including a workplace friends congratulations), and the regular stuff too ex. Translated marriage certificate ). I also changed my last name, added him to my health insurance, created a will signed in front of a notary, designated him beneficiary for plans through my workplace, added him to my car/renters insurance. Im not sure if all i sent was necessary but it worked for us. I would definitely take the advice of more senior members here to heart. This site and these forums are how my husband and I were able to begin our life together here in the U.S. without use of lawyers. The journey was very hard time wise (being apart) but very smooth in the administrative aspect. We never had any RFE and he was in administrative processing for just a short while (few months). He arrived here end of May last year and we had applied in October 2017 (2months after getting married). We now have a fantastic blended family with a newborn daughter who brings us all even closer. We had things many here would consider red flags but we did our best with all the info provided here and on uscis websites. Most importantly we remained grounded in reality for our expectations and kept our hearts full of hope. I wish you the very best luck.
  3. Absolutely. He is married no matter where he goes. As far as the U.S. is concerned if it is a legally valid marriage in the Ukraine it is also valid here. The U.S. will recognize the marriage.
  4. Islamabad is a difficult embassy for sure, based on things written by members here. I am not sure about the specific statistics of Islamabad,but you could do some research here and through the uscis website perhaps. Regardless of location the uscis/immigration journey is a long one requiring patience, commitment, and preparation. Stay strong and have faith. Inshallah,you will be living together with your loved one day in the future. For reference my husband is a muslim man from Iraq and I am the U.S. citizen. We married in Iraq, and he arrived on a CR-1 in May of 2019. I filed the initial application in October 2017.
  5. There is no real place to "register" a marriage that took place outside the country so there is no way or need to change his marital status in some central/official location. All he need do is follow the instructions for the 130 which include a the marriage certificate. I got married in Iraq and that is how we filed. I went to the SS office because i was taking my husband's last name but that is it as far as "documenting" the marriage here went.( i am a us citizen if that helps with clarity at all)
  6. There should be absolutely no problem. I did that exact thing during our own process for CR1. I just provided documentation at the appropriate time to keep everything up to date much as you would any other critical information.
  7. Yes she absolutely can do that. Easiest way is go to social security office with marriage certificate and fill out the form. Harder way but possible (the way i did it) go to her local court and file a form pay the fee and submit marriage certificate as well as document of current name to petition a legal name change. Once it is granted, all she has to do is give notice to ss office and any other agency or company she does business with.
  8. I think you are missing the point....those things you are talking about submitting are not needed and are not cared about. Focus on the evidence that is mentioned in the previous post..
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