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  1. Palala2018


    Forgot to post here, sorry. We have been scheduled for February 10 for our Cr1 interview. We got the email on the 9th of January around 3pm.
  2. Cc October 31 2018 Interview scheduled January 9 2019 Interview February 10 Baghdad Sooo excited, i was starting to feel so hopeless ❤ hang in there everyone.
  3. Just reached out to the NVC. I was told that they are done with January and are now on February. With all the different responses that we all get, does anyone else have any information on appointment scheduling?
  4. Palala2018

    Marraige Certificate

    My husband is listed as divorced. But that is because he lives in iraq and record of previous marriage existed. He provided his iraqi divorce decree at the court we married in. You may be needlessly worrying...take a breathe all will be well Inshaallah . i can ask his advice if you wish?
  5. Palala2018

    Marraige Certificate

    I went to embassy in erbil before we married and there was nothing i needed from them in order to marry in iraq under their laws. If you have the judges signatures on your certificate you should be fine. Feel free to pm me if youd like to discuss with more detail.
  6. Palala2018

    Marraige Certificate

    May i ask where you married in Iraq? Are either one of you iraqi citizens? Was it at the court? We married in Erbil but my husband is from iraq. It took us a werk of running around signing things and getting signatures for us to marry. But all has been well. If iraq recognizes your marriage as legitimate than you are fine i think....uscis will just want to see that both of you were free to marry when you did.
  7. Palala2018

    Marraige Certificate

    I married in iraq last year. There was no issue at all. My husband had previously been married, his was the only divorce decree needed at get married. Uscis will ask for your divorce decree and nvc and embassy....but i dont forsee any issues at all. You are legally married and recognized as such anywhere you go with your marriage certificate...i believe. I will double check my own certificate and let you know. What are you worried about exactly? If your marriage will be recognized by. U.S. if your iraqi certificate says single?
  8. Has anyone heard about a possible government shutdown coming the end of December? I heard on the news that the president mentioned it in a tense conversation within the oval office (yesterday?) Since we are all "paying customers" would a government shutdown affect us and NVC or embassies working on these interviews/visas? I too am becoming soo depressed and try to avoid both this forum and my email; I cannot imagine what it has been like for those of you who have been waiting months on end with no word. We have been waiting since the end of October and already i feel like my heart is slowly crumbling to pieces each time my email is empty and each time the NVC rep says the same thing about their darn queue. Really trying to tell myself that it is ok to not be Super woman and cry when I need to as long as i can pull it together and carry on afterwards.
  9. Palala2018


    Yes they say the same to us as well...it is tiresome. I tried emailing the embassy. They are so courteous but just informed me that they have not yet received my case from NVC yet.
  10. Palala2018


    Oh i am sorry it is taking so long. This is so frustrating. We too are waiting for a cr1 appointment to be scheduled in Baghdad. Our Case complete was on Oct.31. Lets stay in contact to help us all feel a litle less helpless. I will comment again here when we are scheduled. Good luck, may we soon be reunited with our loved ones.
  11. Well i see all sorts of different times for this part. Myself, we received CC on October 31st and are still waiting. I think it has alot to do with the work load at the embassy where your interview will be held. Search the site for the thread Case Complete to Interview November 2018....it helps to talk with others in the same waiting period. They have a spreadsheet of info that will help you to see trends.
  12. Stay Strong....when you are finally reunited this will all feel like a distant memory ❤️ I havent seen my husband in over a year as well and can relate to how you must be feeling. If ever you need someone to listen...message me.
  13. i have seen various times for this. Sometimes a week or more. In my own case it was 6 days after submission that it changed to accepted and an hour or two later i received the CC email.
  14. Palala2018


    Thank you. Its always a good thing to have someone else's confirmation on this stuff.
  15. Hello everyone, I did a search and didnt find what I was looking for so I was hoping to ask your advice. First some background information. I am a USC filing for my husband. We filed the I-130 with priority date of 11/20/2017. Fast forward to the NVC stage where we are filling out the AOS and the DS-260 while gathering the evidence for both. My husband has worked for the same company for a few years, but just recently received a job offer, earning more per month, from another company. Do you think him switching jobs at this point in the process would have any negative repercussions for us? Could it give a wrong impression of some kind?