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  1. Thanks a lot for your time. Yes we have pictures but not for both of us together. I last met him was last year and I have known him for many years but what can we do. I honestly didn't know USCIS will ask for such thing otherwise I would have saved the messages. Thank you.
  2. Thanks a lot for your response. I hope we could have taken pictures.
  3. Thanks a lot for your response. I said that my fiance has asked my hand after I returned to US therefore, I couldn't take pictures with him when I was in Iraq (where we are both from) in our society we can't talk or go out with non relatives for no reason. I'm trying to retrieve deleted messages and i hope i will reach to something. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your response. Yes it's not allowed to take pictures with non relatives, like it's ok if we take pictures in public events but not like my situation, we are both from Iraq but from different cities and when I was there we weren't engaged so we couldn't take pictures for no reason. I submitted a statement written by my brother saying me and my fiance have met but it wasn't notarized. Do you think I have to ? My fiance doesn't have pictures or messages for the same reason I mentioned. It is a conservative society and we weren't engaged so we couldn't keep any reference. Thanks a lot for your time and help.
  5. Thanks a lot for your response. I visited him once before we submitted our petition but we didn't take pictures as I said it is traditionally not allowed so if it's happened to be in someone's hand it means problem for us.
  6. Hi, We received RFE in the mail today. They are asking for proof that I have met my fiance during the last two year. I provided my itinerary and passport stamps but it seems they are not sufficient. They are asking for pictures or messages and I can't provide those. My fiance asked my hand after I came to US so in our traditions there is no way I can take pictures with him before that, I even deleted our old messages and was unable to restore them back. So if I ask for a statement from a religious authority to confirm my excuse would that work? Thanks for your time.
  7. Thanks for offering this valuable information. So what about the driver license? When can be obtained? I know it depends on the state, I am in Arizona and when I sent an email to the Az DOT they told me that my fiance can obtain his driver license as long as he can provide proof of legal presence. So which one of things you have mentioned can proof his legal presence. I know it's kind early to think about this topic now since we haven't received our NOA2 yet, but it's just kept me thinking about it.
  8. Yes it is a simple one. Glad you finally got the approval,I hope the rest of the journey is going to be easy for you.
  9. Congratulations. May I ask what was your REF about? Because we are waiting for one in the mail and I can see that you waited long between submitting rfe and your approval.
  10. Thanks a lot. I admit that I bothered you a lot today with my questions and my need for explanations it is just because I can't wait for that RFE 😁. Thanks and wish you the best of luck in this long process.
  11. So that means the website usually updates before the RFE be printed and mailed.
  12. Thanks for sharing. I am just hoping that as long as the website was updated and it says RFE was mailed so it is on the way to me. Or is that possible they say RFE was mailed but it's not? ! Today is 204 days :(, any of the websites updated for you?
  13. I got an email say they took action on my case and when I checked the new site I found that RFE was mailed on August 30, old site didn't update. I tried to let them fax it but they refused. It's hard to wait especially knowing there will be no mail on Monday. I hope it will be an easy one for both of us
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