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  1. Thanks for sharing the link. I already have an attorney and I thought he should the job because I paid him and he said he is going to finish the process, but asked me to wait for my turn and he didn't tell me until when do I have to wait. Is what the attorney doing right? Especially he already received his fees?
  2. I received the case and the invoice numbers; paid the fees and send the documents to the attorney to upload but the attorney said they can't upload them soon; they will work on it in the order it was received from me.
  3. Hello, I have a question regarding my attorney please. We were approved about 3 weeks ago and we have to start the NVC process. I paid the attorney for filing the petition and when we received the approval I paid them to do the NVC papers and sent my attorney all required documents to submit but they said my case was assigned to the attorney to work on it and will submit the documents in the order it was received! Is this right?
  4. I filed k3 a week before i130 approval so it didn't help because it's still says it was received.
  5. How long does it take for the case to reach NVC after it's been approved by the USCIS?
  6. My husband is outside the US. We have been waiting more than 8 months now since we filed our petition. I know Vermont SC is processing May petitions now and because our petition has been under active review for 3 months so just hoping we will get some good news soon.
  7. We are in the first stage of the process waiting for USCIS approval to our petition.
  8. Yes, but I mean people who got their approval nowadays after their files were under active review for how long was it? Now I don't see people getting approved right after their first active review like they were 3 or 4 months ago .
  9. Hello, We filed our i130 on May 20th and it is been under active review for 98 days. What is the average time for active review nowadays? It's in Vermont SC. Thank you.
  10. It depends, some cases take months and some takes couple of days; my case has been in active review stage since 86 days. Hope yours is different and you will get the approval soon.
  11. Thanks for your response. Yes I traveled twice after the K1 denial. No, when he applied for the visitor visa he never said he was married. I'm his first and only wife. Thanks for your response. Thanks for your response. I traveled for marriage and I met him again 6 months after our marriage I stayed there for 42 days and planning to go there again in the coming months. My husband is from Iraq where I'm originally from and yes it was the fiance petition that was denied. Thanks all for your valuable time, appreciate it.
  12. Hello, I have a question please. 6 years ago my husband applied for US visitor visa and was denied (we weren’t married at that time); and on 2018 we applied for fiance visa and was denied for lack of proof of meeting within 2 years before applying. So this year we applied for spouse visa. My question is will those previous denials effect our cr1 visa process? Thanks.
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