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  1. Hi MM&MP, in your case. How long does it takes from TRANSIT to READY?
  2. Hello @Greenbaum! My case file is In Transit now. When is the best time to email Vietnam Embassy to request a interview transfer from Sydney to HCM Vietnam?
  3. Did you successfully changed the embassy while the case is at NVC?
  4. Sorry I didn’t make it clear. New Embassy is Vietnam
  5. Thank you @Greenbaum. My case file has gone to the Sydney Consulate before NVC review my transfer request. So What is the best option to contact new Embassy to request a transfer? - Should I call them or just email? - Do I need to wait until the case status changes to READY to make a request? Or I can contact New Embassy now? - If you can, May I have the instruction to request a transfer? (Such as information and documents needed) Thank you so much!
  6. toknowmore

    I-134 filling out question

    Can someone help me with above questions! Thank you!
  7. Hello @geowrian! Is the most recent tax transcript (2017) fine for the interview? Or we need the last 3 years of tax return?
  8. I used AskNVC public online form to request a case transfer to another embassy. However, I have to wait for them to review my request email before they sent the case files to original embassy. I will update for you.
  9. Yes, I’ve called today and we finally got the NVC case number. Glory to God!
  10. Yes @Greenbaum. I submitted those information from both of us, including the attached files of our biographic passport as well. They already assigned NVC case number one day before I submitted the inquiry. The only thing is I used USCIS number, not NVC number.
  11. I requested to transfer to another country where beneficiary is legal residence there. Yes! Sydney consulate is the only that K1 interview take place at. If you put wrong Consulate but still in Australia. They will automatically send the case files to Sydney.
  12. When submitting the public inquiry to request a transfer. Is it ok to put the USCIS case number? Because I have submitted the inquiry few hours before I got my NVC number. Thank you @Greenbaum
  13. Thanks God that we just got our NVC number today. I asked the staff if we can request a transfer for interview location. She said we need to submit the public inquiry form via asknvc, and I submitted it. The thing is they review inquiries in order. That’s why I have to wait for the reply. I don’t know if they will send my case to the Consulate before review my inquiry form? Is anyone here have same issue? Thank you!
  14. toknowmore

    I-134 Form

    I think you should open the file with Adobe Reader to type and save it. Hope you already solved this.
  15. toknowmore

    I-134 filling out question

    Hi everyone! I am confusing to collect all the document needed for interview. All the documents below here are what I think is enough for affidavit of support to be presented at interview. Can anyone had experience help me to add more if there is missing information. 1. Statement from employer including work position and salary paid. (correct me if there is more things to be included in the letter) 2. The most recent pay stubs to interview date. 3. The most recent (2017) tax transcript from IRS. (I've seen many people collect 3 years of tax return) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is other things such as bank statement, date account opened, present balance are really necessary for interview? Thank you!