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  1. passport returned 12/14. SSN and Green card already rec’d in US after crossing 12/19. See my timeline for info.
  2. The day after I wrote this the real green card came in the mail. We have SSN and green card but proving MA residency (basically bills, bank accounts) is virtually impossible without waiting another 45 days for a bank statement to come. We are writing a $1 per year house lease between spouses to satisfy residency requirements.
  3. We were wondering if anyone has researched their i-94 # for when they entered the US (via land border). My husband's i-94 has NOT posted on https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/history-search and the RMV (DMV to many of you...) are asking for an i-94 to process his driver's license (REAL ID requirements) instead of his temporary visa in his passport. This is Massachusetts RMV. Has anyone else had to prove i-94 requirements after entry? And if not available, what did you do?
  4. Husband approved. Has an unusual case previously having overstayed a US visa. However they were relieved to hear his entire US family are all citizens and they dropped the line of questioning. Situation required the interviewer to confer with supervisors. Happy for outcome as we thought given that he has had prior US presence this could cause background check delays. He previously went with me to the old Montreal US consulate for our son’s US paperwork. He found the new one much smaller and lacking privacy during the interview process. People much nicer than when we did our son’s paperwork in 2012. Guards still the guards...
  5. Seems the Consulate is confused that a K1 visa is an immigrant visa. Someone needs to wake them up!!
  6. Normally I would agree with you but we have representation from almost every day in the 2nd week of Jan 2020 for DQ. If there was action, we would most likely know.
  7. Here is my updated link to my file which now has all IMM visas + K visas layered in 2019-2020. The graphs however are not the greatest. I would wait another month to see what the data gives. Besides what was already shown of other consulates opening earlier than Montreal, what is interesting is that in mid 2019 the consulate continued to process non-spousal immigration and fiance visas at the same rate as before but put a hard stop on spousal immigration visas during that period. My file Graphs attached. 2020_09_Immigration Graphs.pdf
  8. I worked in my database this weekend. I have Jan 2019 - Sept 2020 data that has all consulates, all IMM visa types with K1/2/3 data layered in for the same time period. This is an output measure ( visas approved ), not interviews. But I can pull Montreal IR1 vs K1 and London vs Montreal IR1 easily. Will put something together tonight. I seem to remember a rumour that in summer 2019 consulate personnel in Montreal were temporarily reassigned to MX to deal with issue there. That could be a conjecture or rumour however.
  9. My file is all IMM visas 2019- Sept 2020. Check this might be what you are looking for.
  10. So from a visualization / data / prove our case standpoint what helps to communicate backlog and the call to action? - Comparison with other consulates? [data] - Comparison with K1 ? [data] - Anecdotal stories ? - Other ?
  11. I’d like to start engaging via social media and come out with one visual every weekday. This visual then can be sent to government representatives (congressmen(women) , senators, etc) as a “slide deck” perhaps backed up with an advocacy letter. That’s the output but really first it would be to decide on what is the key messages that we want to get across. Usually 3 big themes is anyone can handle and then to define what is our ASK.
  12. Google Sheets is terrible for converting Excel Pivot tables and charts. Keep navigating the tabs to the first one after Data=> to see the raw data.
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