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  1. Thanks! Sometimes I think immigration wants us to give up, but I plan to keep pushing forward!
  2. Well first of all I'd like to say happy new month to everyone. Haven't been on in a while so I'd like to update everyone. My husband's interview in cdj went great. However he was unfortunately denied because we need to try and apply for a pardon or two because he had two prior deportation. But we aren't going to let that keep us down! We have an appt with a new lawyer next week to see what he may be able to help us with! Still praying for All of those waiting!
  3. So fingerprinting appointment done today in ciudad juarez... It was very quick and went smoothly! All that was asked was to show them the correct paperwork and passport info. In out and done! This has been such a long and exhausting and stressful and depressing experience but thank God for being with us the whole time! Now im just dealing with excited nervousness about tomorrow! Please be in prayer with is about the BIG DAY! Praying we get there approval and my husband gets to go home and that all of it be to God's glory!!!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  4. Just want to update anyone who is waiting for cdj appointment. My husband went yesterday for his medical appointment. It cost him $416 for the exam plus three shots. He also called them to make an appointment. Ppl say you don't have to have an appointment but I think it makes things go quicker if you do. He said they also asked him alot of questions like how many times he had been to the US... How many times he had been arrested.... How many deportations... Like a pre-interview. He was told he needed to be honest with them because it all had to be reported to the consulate and if he lies that he would be automatically denied. Just want to let people know how it all works so everyone kind of knows what to expect. Praying for you all to get appointments soon! Please be in prayer with us that my husband is able to get approved at the consulate Thursday!!! Have a blessed day!
  5. We applied for a expedite is why we received our appointment so quickly... Currently from what I have saw they haven't even finished giving appointments to March CC's yet... Will be praying for you!!
  6. March case closed an April case closed is what I follow March case closed an April case closed is what I follow
  7. If you have Facebook look up the groups on Facebook... April case closed and March case closed.... Lots of advice and it will give you a better idea of the dates they are working on.
  8. With ir1 they go by cc at NVC... Priority date doesn't affect ir1. From what I understand they just started giving a few April cc their cita for September. Next round of appointments toward end of month for October citas
  9. Happy new month everyone!!! Praying for all of you and asking that you all pray for me and my husband as well. His appointment is August 9th.... We are So close!!!! Cc: April 14th Consulate: Ciudad Juarez
  10. @jennita how are things going with your husband's case? Haven't saw you post in a while?
  11. In my loud screaming excited happy voice!!!! WE GOT OUR APPOINTMENT!!!!! Thank God the expedite went through!!! Our cita is August 9th!!! Juarez we will see you soon!!!! Praying and knowing god will continue to be with us and see us through it!!!
  12. So this morning I checked and ceac status said action required... Around lunch I checked and it said in transit... Then I checked just a few minutes ago and it now says ready!!!! We are so close!!!! I'm so excited!!!! God is good!
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