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  1. I am sorry for all the trouble that you have to go through but why do you say it was not listed anywhere about the police certificate? The instructions for DS-260 clearly states you need police certificates for any country you lived in since age of 16 I believe. Sorry for repeating other answers. I just realized others already responded to your question.
  2. Did you submit the I-864a under the tab "add household member"? It looks like you added this file under the "joint sponsor" tab which is incorrect.
  3. That is true. Travel history is important if you travelled frequently before without trouble then they probably take things easier. Also, our lawyer told us he can mention (if asked) his visa application is consular processing and therefore, he must leave the country for the interview and completing the visa application.
  4. My husband crossed the Canadian border (airport) two weeks ago for a 3 day trip and the officer at the border did not ask him a single question! I was so worried that they get picky about his trip and he had his house and car papers as well as a letter drafted by our lawyer. However, none of these came to use! So, I think you shouldn't worry so much. It will be fine.
  5. But I think you should still submit the online inquiry despite what they told you over the phone. Maybe they take that more seriously and look more in depth into your case. I think it was here at visajourney that I read someone had submitted a document that was showing on his CEAC but not on the NVC side...something like that....maybe your situation is something similar!
  6. If there is a backlog, why is it that cases after him are being scheduled for interviews?
  7. 😳!!! Is there anyway to send an official case inquiry request online ?
  8. My co-sponsor has a family size of 4 (including my husband) and she made 90 ~95k on average for the past three years. Maybe showing continuity in income could be a deciding factor. For instance, the form asks only for the past year's tax transcript but I decided to include everything for the past three years.
  9. The ones he did in his childhood he does not have any record of. Yes, a pharmacist told me he can do a blood titer for those vaccines and it will show if he had those vaccinations and he won't need to repeat.
  10. You need to submit the joint sponsor so things can move on. The day after I submitted my joint sponsor documents, I was documentarily qualified.
  11. I submitted a joint sponsor and your case will be on hold until you submit the joint sponsor even though the tone of the message is as if the decision is in the hand of immigration officer at the interview.
  12. My husband does not have his immunization records but we know he has received all the required vaccinations. What should we take for the medical exam if don't have the immunization records? Thanks for your help.
  13. Exactly, the lawyer does not have the right to keep these info from you. Your lawyer is clearly abusing your lack of knowledge about client-attorney rights. He may also be hiding some of his mistakes in document submission that could delay your case. Become proactive and demand your case info so you can follow up the updates yourself.
  14. We got married in SC and we have a piece of A4 paper where we went to an office to record our marriage. On our wedding day, we had a marriage officiant who got our signature and later on, we received a certificate with a seal stamp that we present as our marriage certificate.
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