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  1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! We aren't shipping any furniture, but have opted to go with WorldBaggage.com to ship 3x30kg boxes. Obviously the shipment hasn't happened yet, but will in a couple weeks. Hopefully the reviews are accurate and it's smooth sailing!
  2. I looked at a couple of different sites, but just googled short-term health insurance to see what came up and I didn't end up purchasing a plan, so I cannot vouch for legitimacy of the sites. One I looked at that let me compare plans was this one: https://shorttermhealthinsurance.com/ I learned a few things since my last post and one is that short-term health insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions (and isn't required to as it falls outside the ACA). It could be used as gap coverage for potential unexpected emergencies, but it won't meet the requirements for health coverage so you could still get penalised as a new immigrant if you took out one of these policies. For any Aussies who might be following this or have a similar issue to mine in the future, though: I found a travel insurance company that covers one-way trips AND covers pregnancy up to 32 weeks! https://www.insureandgo.com.au/one-trip-travel-insurance.jsp Taking out this plan is much cheaper than the cost of changing flights, so that's what I went for!
  3. We could, but would like that to be a last resort. It appears that I can buy some short-term health insurance that would cover us and that would actually be cheaper than switching the flights, so will likely go with that if my regular insurance won't allow me prorated coverage in November.
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    Vaccine Requirements

  5. Unfortunately not. Since we only just got my husband's visa, we both have to finish up at work and sell our stuff before we can go.
  6. Thanks! Those last two options seem like good options for me! I'll investigate.
  7. No, I won't qualify. The state is Oregon if that helps. I didn't realize the dates of coverage were different state by state under the ACA.
  8. Yes, I’m still researching that. You can get one way travel insurance policies but they tend to stop coverage after 28 weeks of pregnancy.
  9. Correct, and I want health coverage for that day, but currently it doesn't start until 1st of December, so looking to cover the 1-day gap.
  10. I think you're probably right, which is so frustrating because my husband's interview was on the 16th and we received his visa on the 18th, so just missed it!
  11. You do, and we will be when the insurance goes into effect. I'm repatriating and my husband already has his visa in hand. They required a copy of the sticker in his passport which serves as temporary I-551 evidence of permanent residency.
  12. Compression stockings acquired, and it's a 15-hour flight so will do lots of walking! I know it's highly unlikely things would go wrong, but I'd rather pay a bit extra now than end up with thousands in hospital bills, so checking out my options!
  13. Keeley

    Vaccine Requirements

    My husband was in a similar boat. He took what records he could find of prior vaccinations to his medical, and for the ones where he was missing, but fairly sure he'd had the vaccine (Pertussis, Tetanus and diptheria, and varicella) the doctor just had him get it again because that was cheaper than the blood screening to see if he was immune.
  14. Hi, I'm hoping someone else has some experience that might be able to help me. Background information: I'm a USC and my husband got his CR-1 visa last week. We have both been living overseas together for the last several years. We are moving back to the United States on Nov 30th this year. At the time we travel, I will be about 30 weeks pregnant. We will get a "fit to fly" clearance letter from my doctor before we travel. My issue relates to health insurance coverage from the time we arrive in the US. Under the ACA, we qualify for a special enrollment period because my husband recently got legal residency status and because I am re-patriating to the US. As soon as he received his visa last week, I went through the healthcare.gov website to find a plan that would provide adequate coverage for the remainder of my preganancy, labor and delivery. The site didn't give me an option to elect a start date and automatically said our coverage would begin on December 1st. One day of non-coverage wouldn't be a huge issue except that I want coverage from the day we arrive just on the off chance there is a complication with my pregnancy. I contacted the insurance carrier to see if they can provide pro-rated coverage for November, but haven't heard back yet. In the meantime, I want to investigate other options. My travel insurance won't cover me because a) it's a one-way trip and my plan covers only round-trips and b) my pregnancy will be past 28 weeks, so they won't provide coverage. I have done some searching online and can't find any travel insurance that would cover me at that stage of pregnancy. Has anyone else experienced this and had success with getting pro rata coverage for the month you arrive in the US and/or found travel insurance that covers third trimester pregnancy? Thanks!
  15. Second what @missileman said: having a joint bank account has no impact on tax filing status. I think what you may be reading relates more to whether you should file a joint tax return (Married Filing Jointly) or a single tax return (Married Filing Separately or Head of Household). If you are married as at the end of the tax year, you have to select one of those three statuses (i.e., don't file as Single). There are special rules you have to meet in order to qualify for Head of Household and those are all available on the IRS website. This has also been discussed elsewhere on VisaJourney if you do a search. The status that is most beneficial to you will be dependent on your own situation, so if you're not sure, I would consider consulting with a US tax accountant. In my case, I'm a US Citizen and my husband is applying for a CR-1 visa. He doesn't have a SSN or ITIN and we didn't want to apply for one. We both live together overseas and have only foreign income. I opted to file as Married Filing Separately so I wouldn't have to bother reporting his income. As he doesn't yet have residency or citizenship in the US and he has no US income, there is no obligation for us to report his income under this filing status. The one limitation was that we had to file my return by paper because most tax software will not let you leave the SSN/ITIN field blank for a spouse. On paper, I just wrote "N/A" in that field when I filed. The return was accepted without issue. Again, I would recommend you consult with a US tax accountant to see what is best for your situation. Depending on the complexity of your income/assets, you might be able to prepare and file the return yourself after a consultation, but you may opt to have a professional do it. Hope that helps!