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  1. Hi, My fiancé is about to enter the United States after being approved for a K1 visa. She will apply for her Canadian citizenship right before she leaves for US. The day she leaves Canada would be 1095 days on Permanent residency in Canada which is required before applying for Canadian Citizenship. My question is that would it cause any concern when she arrives in the US and I apply for her adjustment of status and Advanced Parole. Or would it affect her getting her Canadian citizenship in any way. Thank you
  2. Sorry for the late response. Yes it changed almost every week. Notably, it changed 3 times during the week it was issued. But I am not sure if my constant emails to them is what made them change the dates too often. That is very likely.
  3. Visa was issued on April 12th and received in April 15th.
  4. Yep admin processing. No idea why. Guess it had something to do with fiancé being a Canadian permanent resident and not a citizen.
  5. Issued. A sweeter word has never been written. After nearly 35 days.
  6. Really sorry you and your family has to go through this. I hope there is a positive outcome very soon. I can definitely relate to the helplessness feeling.
  7. We have no idea. they only respond to our inquiries with generic emails. She's a permanent resident not a citizen of Canada so we're thinking that's one of the reason its taking so long. Her mom has a surgery upcoming in India which she wants to be there for. We don't know how long this process is going to take...could be months for all we know. We want to at least know how long it will delay the process hence the question. really frustrated with the system.
  8. Hello, My fiance had her interview on march 6th at the Montreal consulate. We have been in administrative processing since then. We do not know long the wait is going to be at this point. She is thinking about withdrawing her passport so she can visit her mother overseas while the processing continues. Has anyone emailed the consulate to get the passport back? How long is the process? Would the consulate contact her when the processing is complete? how long after that would she get her visa stamp after they have told her that processing is complete? thanks!
  9. Depends on how you look at it. I'd say my case is not normal. ;-/ been in admin processing since march 6th. Most people are getting it within a week though.
  10. Hope this is resolved soon! This sounds like a nightmare!
  11. Thanks. yes CO did keep the passport.
  12. Hello All. My fiance is an Indian national living as a permanent resident in Canada. We had our interview on March 6th was quite short (3 mins) and we were approved. We have been in the AP status for 2.5 weeks now. She does have history of working and residency in the US on work visas. My question is that does anyone know what could be the hold up? Is it the fact that she isn't a Canadian Citizen? What exactly are they checking at this point after they have already approved her? Thanks!
  13. Hey guys. So we still haven't received any notification but does anyone know if we can still change the shipping location of the passport/visa? We're planning on leaving Montreal and my fiance is heading back to Toronto over the weekend if we don't hear anything by then. I do see that on the Visa appointment website there is a option to change the location but i remember vaguely while booking my fiance's appointment back in january that we can't change the the details of the appointments from 6am on the day of the visa interview. Does that mean i can't change it? I wouldn't want me changing the location to cause any further delays. Does anyone have any clue? We would rather have it shipped to Toronto than have to come back to Montreal. In hindsight, we messed up. We thought we'd get the visa back within a week but here we are.
  14. Meanwhile i am still awaiting. 2 weeks exactly today. No contact. We're in a AP black hole.
  15. seems like everyone is partying without me.
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