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    We met through a mutual friend as I was teaching in Morocco. I needed help learning the local dialect and he agreed to meet up for coffee to help me practice. 100s of coffee meet ups and 1.5 years later and we tied the knot. We live together in Morocco and are hoping to move to The States if everything goes well with our application (:

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  1. I think everyone here has pointed out various things that can lead to a denial: Age gap: Female is older Language Lack of visits/quality time Different Culture Religion Financial Stability All of these can factor in to a decision that leads to a denial.
  2. If you guys are communicating with only google translate, I would strongly recommend he take some English classes and improve his ability, especially for a possible interview with the Consulate Officer. Anyone here know of other users who used google translate in the beginning of their relationship? They might be able to offer their experiences with their journey and the interview etc.
  3. If you feel your relationship is real and you don’t want to lose time, I would suggest you move there. You can get a well paying job teaching English in many of the bigger cities ( Casablanca, Tangier etc) and live in a modern apartment, so no hole in the floor etc. It would be enough money to pay your rent, buy food, go out etc. You could go this route and have a stronger case for time spent together and also get married in Morocco, just bring and FBI background check to be on the safe side as some police stations request it and others don’t. It would also be a great way to learn more about your future husbands culture, his family, etc. Good luck, and I hope you find a solution that works best for you!
  4. Congratulations 🎉 what day in November ?
  5. So you’re not saying you know the exact date of your CC for NVC? Normally NVC sends a message on your CEAC profile and by email. Just because our CC is August 17th and we haven’t gotten an email for an interview yet and from what I understand they go in order by CC date? Anyone know if they sometimes don’t go in order? Getting anxious as we’ve been waiting close to 2 months now.... I think the last Moroccan August CC date (on VJ), that was scheduled for an interview, was for the end of October and their CC date was Aug 7th/8th.
  6. You can always call NVC and ask about your case etc. I’m not sure if it will help but I’ve called NVC a couple times and they usually provide a good explanation. I hope you hear back soon for a CC! It does seem like a longer time than normal 😕
  7. I hope we will heard something by tomorrow, it’s been 1month and 18 days since we got our cc .
  8. I think they started scheduling this week , Insha’Allah next week we will get the email. They are scheduling whose had theirs cc In August I don’t think there is anyone from July still doesn’t get the interview.
  9. We still waiting too I hope we will receive the interview email next week .
  10. I’m so sorry this happened to you! I think you should make a separate post and add the Morocco tag so more Moroccan VJ members with experience with the Casa Consulate can help you. Stay strong! I know this is stressful and extremely hard but try not to let it overwhelm you. I think it’s good they held onto the passport. *hugs* it’s going to be ok!
  11. No, thank you for bringing it up! It definitely helps us because I honestly didn't even think about that. I think this is a good point to bring up and helps Morocco VJ members be better prepared.
  12. Do you know what kind of questions they ask about the co sponsor? You mentioned the Casablanca Consulate asks tough questions so I'm assuming it's not basic questions like name and age 😕
  13. Thank you! Hopefully we get an interview soon and this can all be over with. It really does a number of the nerves lol