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  1. For Spain, I submitted my W2's and they didn't say anything. I realized afterwords that I forgot to send my transcripts and brought it during the interview and the lady stated we didn't need to because we made well above the limit by my W2's and paystubs.
  2. Exactly! Nothing mentions waiting for it. The above information is actually packet 3. My case is ready on CEAC so why waste time? Lol I doubt they will throw my package away because I didn't receive it in the mail.
  3. I just want to get someone's opinion on whether this would be wrong or not. On Spain's US embassy site it pretty much has packet 3 and says in the "how to apply" sections to send packet 3 with the listed items. Would I be wrong to just print it out myself and send all the required documents as opposed to waiting for them to send me packet 3? I feel like this site gives so much information(not complaining I love this site haha) and I feel like with all the information sometimes we might over think things. On the embassies website it doesn't mention anything about waiting for a packet 3 which is usually what people due anyway by the instructions of this website. Instead it lists packet 3 and I was going to gather the rest of the documents and send it next Monday(21st) and see if they mail me packet 4. Would I be wrong for following the very vague website and jumping ahead of schedule?
  4. Thanks for the information. I will email and call on Tuesday to see if they can email me the packet 3. Hopefully they can email packet 4 as well so that we can schedule the interview and do the medical. Also hopefully the interview dates aren't too long apart from when we are able to schedule. I'm praying for her to be here by mid-late February if possible. Also good luck I hope your package makes it to the embassy quickly as well!
  5. Thank you for posting packet 3. I am somewhat familiar with the rest of the process hence why I need them to update my fiances address prior to them sending packet 3 or seeing if they're willing to email it to us. I already have the content in packet 3 ready to go once she receives it.
  6. I received the notification on the 8th that NVC sent my package. I checked DHL today and found the shipment and it states it should arrive January 11th. I'm going to call(Embassy) on Tuesday to see if they can make a note on the account to either email package 3 or change my beneficiaries address because her address changed towards the end of our process and didn't want to risk delaying my application.
  7. Same happened to me. You''re good and no need to worry. The case will be forwarded as it should. Mine was approved 12/07 and it stills says recieved and I just got my NVC case number.
  8. Yes that is how I found out! lol
  9. My NOA2 is 12/7 and both websites still show "Received".
  10. Haha I wasn't being sarcastic. The lady I spoke to was very nice and helpful. I was surprised because I thought they'd be irate and angry lol
  11. Called NVC today and they haven't recieved my case yet. I am commenting to say that calling then was a very pleasant experience. I'll try again after new years unless they do email me the information.
  12. Thank you! I'm sure you will get it. Try calling on Monday maybe you're already approved and don't even know. My approval was for Dec 7th and I received it today. Both sites still say received.
  13. Yes just received a letter in the mail. Both sites say received still.
  14. After complaining yesterday I got a silent approval. NOA2 12/7, NOA1 06/19. I think they look through these comments and laugh at us complaining and then update it Haha.
  15. I know we aren't at the 7 month yet, but I'm going to call Monday to see if they can give me more information. I am very patient and I know there are people in May and April that are still waiting without updates, but usually they have others with similar dates approved. Our entire block is completely untouched.