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    There are times when you know that a power greater than yourself has guided your life. Just when you give up hope and then discover that the dream you had of a man who would respect, love and cherish you, actually could be true. For ten years I lived in a roller coaster of emotional and mental and physical abuse with a man who could never admit his own mental instability. After three children and trying so hard I left . Yet after that I had this same dream of a man that was my husband and he was kind, and sweet and lovering . For months and even one year I had this dream.

    Then after restraining orders, and divorce I decided to try a few Muslim Matrimonial sites. Well I was just curious not really serious. One site was Global Rishda and I was very specific that I did NOT want anyone to respond that was not already a US citizen or resident. Well some guy who ignored that posted a message to me. He was a photojournalist
    in Peshawar Pakistan. I thought no way I want someone more Americanized . I am Muslim but a revert and I am also American. But a friend of mine was visiting me and she said I should respond. I did and soon he came on line and we spent time on chat. Then she handed me a phone card and said Call HIM.... I said no way. She said call him. I did. He talked as fast as me, spoke English well, and was funny and talked and talked..... well anyway I was hooked. Every day on web cam and messenger until he went to UK then every day phone calls. For 2 and 1/2 years now going on three. He is my soul mate, he is my heart song, he is my best friend. He is my future . He loves my kids already without seeing them in person, and they love him. We love , we fight, we argue, we discuss, we cry, we get angry, but we always Respect each other and love each other and cant imagine a life apart. He got his visa. He will be here in July. I saw him in person one year ago in London. That was the best time of my life. And Inshallah ( by God's will) we will spend our life together. And I know Allah (God) brought us togethr from half the world away . This is a new beginning a new life.

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