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  1. Ok I’m thinking they would check the passport stamps from their previous travel but I’ve heard a lot of people say a majority of beneficiaries weren’t in Ukraine before the war but obviously couldn’t or didn’t want to go back. Just wanted to see if anyone had an info on that. Thanks appreciate it.
  2. If the beneficiary wasn’t in Ukraine before the war but their hometown is occupied. Is it still possible to come under this program? We have the travel authorization and everything is done but I’m worried that they will see that they weren’t in Ukraine before and deny at the border crossing.
  3. Yes finally. I received my confirmation/approval on the 3rd of Feb. Same thing for me I received the receipt notice instantly, but it took about 18-19 days for them to confirm the next step. I called them beforehand asking if there was a problem with any of my information and they said that they haven't started the back-round check process yet. I'm assuming they are receiving more submissions and they might not have the staff to make it go as fast but eventually mine got confirmed and my beneficiary received their email 2 days after my confirmation.
  4. I submitted my I-134a on Jan.19 2023 and I received a receipt notice but still no confirmation. I read some people had there forms only take a few days to approve. Does anyone know if they are taking longer to process the I-134a?
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