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  1. Thank you for ur further explanation.am hoping and praying that I hear a good news soon to be with my lovely wife we been fighting for so long since 2018 my case has been stuck at the embassy....
  2. @Ontarkiethank you the response yes my Visa case was AP for now and they took the requested on going relationship with me on my second interviewed but they did not ask it for them to have a look at them and after the interviewed they told me we will hear from them and right now we dont knoe how long we have to wait to hear from them and what is the difference between administrative review and additional process are they the same?And do they requested for dual interview?
  3. @Carmel34 thank you for your response well it been 5months now we havent heard from them and the joint sponsor I submitted was qualified joint sponsor in 2019 and the second interviewed I took on going relationship documents with me but CO never ask for it to look on them I took screenshot of our convos,screenshots of video call,screenshots of world remit to show evidence that my wife sends me money and my wife is 43yrs and am 32 yrs the age gap is 11 years.my wife visited me 4 times her first visit she spent 14 days,second time she spent 28 days,third visit 1 month and four time 28 days and now she is planning to visit me in two months time.i have submitted plenty pictures,whatsssap chat,fb chats,plane tickets,evidence of paper showing that my wife has lost pregnancy in 2016,screenshot of video calls,western union papers,letters exchange together etc.i.never apply for us embassy but I have traveled to south Africa and spent 1month.
  4. Well I had submitted new joint sponsor in 2019 and I overcome the public charge was told to rescheduled new appointment and update my medical and police report I did everything during the interview the CO refused my Visa base on the same public and this year I emailed them that I will continue with my case and they told me my case is currently refused under administrative proces that they do not need any documents from me after few days in March 3 I got email that they want to interview my wife and I,we were both interviewed and they told us we will hear from them my wife is not on public housing she stays in her family house,she is not on food stamps and she works too.in 2021 they requested me to bring our on going relationship documents not the ones I represented in my previous interview I brought the docs but they did not look at them
  5. Am surprised why the embassy requested dual interview with my wife after I had been interviewed in February 12th 2018 and February 11 2020 which I was refused based on public charge and I emailed the embassy in March 3rd 2021 to let them know that I will continue with my case and the response I had that my case was currently refused under administrative process after few days the embassy Accra requested dual interview with my wife on April APRIL 14th 2021.My wife was interviewed on the phone she answered all the questions and I was interviewed as well and answered all questions after the interviewed the Officer told us we will hear from them since April 14th 2021 we havent heard anything we inquired and the response was the screenshot displayed can anyone tell me what is about and is there any chance of approving my Visa thank you .
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