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  1. Daniel this is the email I received last week have been to the dhl but my passport wasn’t there and had call the embassy I didn’t get any good information what do you think I should do .
  2. Well I also received email saying that per their records they call the beneficiary to go to DHL and pick up the passport.i had went to the DHL I was told that the passport wasn’t there I should come back after the holidays to come and check it.my problem is when check the Ceac went is still showing refused am confused I don’t know if they didn’t update it.
  3. ishmeal


    Give me ur email address I can send me my number
  4. ishmeal


    Well on my case attorney prepare my docs I submitted it together with my passport I haven’t heard anything for 3months now buh I inquiry on phone and was told that my case has been forwarded to Ohio support office that they didn’t get response from them yet buh once they get back to them they will email me...and also I was confuse here and my wife is not staying in Ohio but in Mississippi why they forward my case to Ohio and I asked the inquirer that is my case sent back to the uscis she said no..
  5. ishmeal


    Well I was also refused a visa base on public charge your.your case is still at the embassy and my questions does ur wife working ..,
  6. ishmeal


    You need to call or email the Us embassy here in Ghana..I think this will help
  7. Yes this what they email me months ago 4A cases do not expire. They are held at the Embassy indefinitely, or until adequate evidence is submitted to overcome the decision.
  8. One thing that I don’t understand whenever I check the status of my case it shows refused but the last update keeps changing....
  9. They had my passport and the financial docs that I submitted to the embassy and they already had proof of our marriage..I don’t understand what you are saying my brother...
  10. I call them on phone to enquire I think u also having the same problem as mine
  11. Well I enquire about my case in Ghana embassy after submitting additional docs to overcome public charge the lady I spoke to said my case has been forwarded to Ohio office for further verification and after the verification they will email us as soon as possible.Pls what does that mean your response will be appreciated thank you....
  12. Congratulations Nash...!!!!
  13. We are working with immigration lawyer to overcome the public charge...