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  1. ReadIcculus

    Crossing with pending i-130

    He made it across with zero problems! Said it was as easy as ever 😍😍 What a relief!!
  2. ReadIcculus

    Crossing with pending i-130

    @DGF are you in the car? If so, do you typically get pulled in when you tell them that, or do they let you through immediately?
  3. ReadIcculus

    Crossing with pending i-130

    Hi all! My husband has flights for Thursday 2/13- Monday 2/18 to come visit for Valentine's. We're planning on attending a concert here in Atlanta. He's a bit concerned as this will be his first border crossing since we filed, although he's crossed on a monthly basis to come visit for the past 2.5 years we've been together. He'll be at Windsor. He's torn over what to say when asked about his plans. Going to Atlanta for the weekend for a concert? To visit family and friends? He's concerned if he offers up that he's going to visit his wife that he'll get trouble. He has a letter from his employer, evidence of the return flights, and a copy of our NOA-1. Thoughts? Advice? Much appreciated!
  4. ReadIcculus

    Wrong Embassy Listed on I-130

    Nonexistent, but luckily I'm the petitioner. My husband's French is rusty, but he's already enlisted his mum to make the trip with him from London and she speaks fairly well.
  5. ReadIcculus

    Wrong Embassy Listed on I-130

    Hi all- my husband and i submitted our I-130 and accompanying docs last week and received receipt confirmation this week. I just realized that when we were filling out the paperwork, we listed Toronto as the embassy that we'd do the interview. I now realize this isn't a possibility and that all interviews for IR-1/CR-1 are done in Montreal. Is this something that will slow down our process, or will they just know to send our file to Montreal when the time comes? Anything I should do to try and rectify this? TIA for your insight!