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  1. Uff true that! Today’s attendant was awesome and super keen to change my name without any issues if It wouldn’t be because of this 2 weeks period gap. I’ll keep you guys posted when I get back there! Special thanks to @Cyberfx1024 who told me specifically to go to Greensboro’s office! Lol! I owe you and your wife a beer when you’re in Winston! 😄
  2. Guys, so I went to the SSA in Greensboro (neighborhood city) and they told me it was possible indeed to change! Yay! BUT I gotta come back in 2 weeks since there was something that they can’t change someone’s name in less than 2 weeks. So in 2 weeks time I’ll be back. Didn’t have any problems here! And I already got my number! Yay!
  3. That’s awesome! Thanks a lot! I’m already printing this out Do you have any official SSA page that states that a LPR can change the name under SSA?
  4. Well said and thank you for writing this I definitely respect one’s decision of changing or not, but It is my decision indeed to adopt his last name. It’s a honor to have my husband’s family name, someone who loves me so much and who’s my family now.
  5. Oh wow! Good idea! Do you have any page from SSA that states that? I definitely shoukd bring it with me
  6. I will go to the SSA of the neighborhood city today to try. If it doesn’t work I’ll try this way 🙏🏻
  7. We made our wedding ceremony in Maui! What a place to live 😍
  8. I was reading the USCIS website and it asks for a proof that you’ve changed your name before, e.g., SSA, Driver’s License, etc. It states I need ro have another document to prove the legal name change to then change on my green card. I’m a bit confused 😕
  9. Does on your marriage certificate shows the name change? Mine doesn’t. It only shows my maiden name. Would it be possible to change with USCIS like this?
  10. I miss Dubai as well. I met my husband there during one of his working trips. He still goes a lot to Qatar for work by the way. I just called USCIS and they said I should book an infopass with the local USCIS and ask. The lady seemed pretty lost to be honest. I’ll definitely follow your advice and go to Greensboro tomorrow. Should I just take my passport + visa and my marriage certificate or there’s another document I should carry with me as well?
  11. That’s awesome. Will definitely to there tomorrow. I requested my SSN so I’ll take that receipt with me just in case. I’m glad I came here as a tourist before because the adaptation can be though for those who come from bigger cities. I used to live in Dubai before so for me it was a HUGE difference. Now I’m more used to a low paced life but I still have a thing for big cities haha. My husband and I are opened for moving one day so who knows. So I can definitely relate your wife’s adaptation
  12. My gc (will arrive yet) is under my maiden name. As soon as I change under SSN I’ll request the change.
  13. I’ll always have my first names to remind my roots (they’re exotic to americans lol). I like the idea of having his last name as a family bond so I promised my husband I would change it. I spoke to my brazilian family and they were fine with the change too 😊 Hopefully I’ll get this done smoothly 🙏🏻
  14. Oh sweet! We’re neighbors haha! Did your wife change hers there without any trouble? Will go there tomorrow then! I’m calling USCIS office now just to have an official answer to tell them tomorrow. I like the triad! I spent 2 long periods with my old tourist visa with my husband here so I’m pretty used to it! I like the Cat Cafe over there! And the brazilians always get together there for church on Sundays
  15. It has a sentimental meaning