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  1. Didn’t know about this age requirement, thanks is tourist visa same as visit visa? their primary purpose of visit visa is not to have baby in US. As they have been traveling before to US yearly basis. thanks for the info they were thinking if baby is born in US, parents become US citizens immediately. Based on other post, this must not be true does becoming a Nanny/baby sitter of a another family member qualify them to be sponsor? Work visa?
  2. They have no issue to keep visiting USA on visit visa for next +10 yrs, but if their parents petition, will this impact their chance of renewal of visit visa They have no intention overstaying. They are looking for legal way. They visit USA every year for summer vacation & go back for past 10 years. It was renewed couple of times. few options I came across for speedy legal process 1- Have a baby born in USA 2- find a employer who would sponsor husband or wife
  3. Can US citizens and green card holder travel to Canada and return for vacation to meet family friends? And return after few days?
  4. For a friend - He is in USA on visit visa with his family (wife and 1 child). His parents and siblings are US citizens & in USA. Which method would be fast and easy for him to get greencard?
  5. Here is the update i went to DMV and they said my Registration # wasn’t validating in the system. So they can’t verify my legal status. They made photocopy of my passport to be sent to Homeland dept for verification i told her to enter 0 in the beginning, still she wasn’t able to verify. I have to wait 2 wks for that process. I guess I should have waited for GC in mail? why would by ID expires in 1-2 years? This is a IR-1 visa so GC would be valid for 10 years
  6. Not sure what you mean? Will I get my ID for next 10 years? That’s when usually ID expires
  7. Yes, it does!! 🙂 Thank you, And when will my ID expire? my visa expires in Sept 2021
  8. I don't have green card yet. Only foreign passport with IR-1 visa
  9. Does this mean, I would get ID expiration date of 1 yr? Also what is I-551? I have IR-1 visa category. (Typo in the subject)
  10. https://www.dmv.virginia.gov/webdoc/pdf/accept_doc_status.pdf
  11. https://www.dmv.virginia.gov/webdoc/pdf/accept_doc_status.pdf
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