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  1. Kyle&ana How was the interview in Dr?
  2. Thanks for the advice. Your right How long do I have to wait to refile just in case do I have to do the divorce innTexas too?
  3. I hope the same for you sister. In your case your boyfriend was in Dr when he got the divorce . If you read the letter that they sent me it is one of the requirement and he was the . Be positive you will be good ! Send me PM if you want and I' ll let you know
  4. Well your case is different. Today I will try to talk to a lawyer. But I think I will have to get de divorce again and reapply for K1 . I'm really sad ....
  5. Thanks everybody for the information
  6. We both live in Texas during the divorce. I went back home and hire and attorney when the divorce process was ready they sent us the paper to sign it. We both did and sent it back to finish the divorce
  7. My ex and me got marry in The Dominican Republic we got the divorce in over there. You were living in Texas when we got the divorce So, do you mean that in order to do the K1 I have to get the divorce in the united state instead?
  8. Greebaun can you give me any advice please?
  9. Today I receive an RFE but I really don't know how to fix it
  10. No really. Me too 202 day and no news
  11. Ohhh no. Don't say that my is april 13 too; 202 days wating and nothing
  12. Yes it is.I saw that too! For us day 198 nothing yet
  13. PRESIDENTE light please!!! Hahahahahah . Congratulations
  14. Oh LOL running to DR! Slowly but we're moving