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  1. its called case tracker. its called case tracker (red, white and blue)
  2. I checked online, and it says approve. "We will mail your approval notice", so check online. I also have this app that checks all approvals around my date, and it showed many were approved today as well.
  3. Hello guys, I am a March filler for Nebraska and I checked the website, I was approved. I-130 sent 2/28/2018 I-130 NOA1 3/5/2018 I-130 approved 10/30/2018 This group is awesome because we can support each other, now onto the next step for my family.
  4. Im at the beginning March 5th and I am still waiting so...
  5. I don't think so, I am March 5th and nothing yet, I dont think they even approved finished February yet
  6. Zoule

    My Medical Exam Experience - Auckland

    thanks so much :-)
  7. Zoule

    My Medical Exam Experience - Auckland

    How long before your interview did you need to schedule the medical 🙂
  8. Thank you so much, just being part of this community is helping cope through my anxiety. I got a psych evaluation also, thank you so much, and good luck on your journey I’m elated and over the moon for you 😊.
  9. Congrats on your approval I know this isn’t your question but can you give some pointers on your I-601a evidence. Like what did you use. Was it a long letter. Anything will be appreciated. 🙂