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  1. Awesome! Congrats! Looks like it’s been smooth sailing for yours. Hope the wait is not too long!
  2. It’s no better here but, hey, welcome! Lol. Good luck to you and your folks!
  3. Nope. Still being “actively reviewed” at Nebraska Service Center. I was surprised too. But, no rush.
  4. Congratulations! Are your parents visiting on a visa or are you expecting their I-130s to be approved before you give birth? Chances are unlikely but I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best for you.
  5. Yep! Mine are blank on both parents notices. I think your USCIS online profile would show your A-number, IF it’s already been assigned. Otherwise, I’m not much help.
  6. @chancecody, good news! Got my access code today. Woot! Woot! Thanks for the info!
  7. Awesome! Thanks for the info! I looked at the USCIS online request form so much today, I wasn’t sure which option I needed to get the access code. Hopefully there’s good news tomorrow. Eek! I did the same as you— Made an entire copy of what I sent (except medical of course—just in case.
  8. • 12 July: Mailed both AOS packets via FedEx • 15 July: Delivered and signed for at Chicago • 19 July: Received four text notifications • 22 July: Received four I-797c IOE Receipt Notices in the mail
  9. My bad. Glad the experts clarified. Yes. My I-130 is at the big service center (Nebraska to be exact), and now just the waiting game for the I-485, but not in a rush for any of them really.
  10. Willkommen @ghostinthemachine! Your packet should be processed at whatever Field Office you selected on your I-485. My receipts were also IOE but I was informed to check the processing times for my FO. It’s 13 months to 26 months for my FO. 😬 Currently still waiting for online access codes but not in a hurry neither. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Good luck to ya! Eek! Hopefully you get some good news soon @Sunshine210! Good luck to ya!
  11. I haven’t received mine either but looks like Emma can trigger a solution to that problem from what others have mentioned.
  12. Bottom left of the notice would mention a specific Service Center. Mine is an IOE receipt as well. Bottom left of the I-797 says Nebraska Service Center.
  13. Oh no! Hope you’re still able to get your receipt notices from your old address. Good luck!
  14. My I-130s went to Nebraska as well. Looked up the Field Office as @HRQX suggested and looks like we’re both looking at 12-13 months of waiting, but hopefully, they really don’t take the whole year. @HRQX, thanks for looking out. My parents are retired and living their best lives these days, so no employment needed. Both have SSNs, which saved me a whole neck pain from submitting the I-864, as they’re both eligible for the exemption. They also get the stimulus. 😊 Oh, and if you are able, please delete my sidebusting into the K1 folks forum please. 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️
  15. Hello one (and soon to be all 😜), I filed AOS for both parents from B1/B2 Visas: (Submitted I-485, I-864W, I-131, I-693) • 12 July: Mailed both AOS packets via FedEx • 15 July: Delivered later than I paid for but, packets arrived to and signed for at Chicago • 19 July: Received four text notifications “USCIS: Your case was received.” • 20 July: Both Money Orders cashed • 22 July: Received four I-797c IOE Receipt Notices in the mail (two I-485s / two I-131s for both parents). Processing Center is National Benefits Center (at least according to the envelope). • Priority Date: 10 June 2021. It took me a whole month to find the motivation to compile and assemble both packets after submitting my I-130 Petitions online. I’m a Millenial. I prefer to submit these packets ONLINE. 😂 But, I am forever grateful to the existence of this VJ site and the panel of experts, who took the time to answer my questions whenever I started overthinking the verbiage on these forms. Shoutout to @Chancy and @arken for inadvertently always coming through when I needed it, and who evidently takes the time to help a lot of us hapless folks on here, along with the other experts and experienced folks.You’re the real MVP! …and now we wait. 🤞🏼✌ Good luck fellow July filers! ♥️
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