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  1. So far have not gotten any notification yet on my phone. We will see what happens.
  2. We are recommended for approval on the spot Time to just wait. How soon do you guys get " Card being produced" notice? So the whole process is nice and easy. We were asked for 2018 tax return from us, and don't even need joint sponsor's stuff at all. Didn't ask to see photos or any joint evidences at all either. I did submit for new medical and the officer took it. We went through the I-485 information and had me sign it. Then only other questions are: 1. How did you two meet? 2. (Ask my husband) did you get to see her family overseas? Then that's it. The whole process is quick. Hope to get the card soon!
  3. Just finished preparing my 7lb binder as well. Lol. A week away from my interview.
  4. Just got the letter. Interview date 8/5. Happen to be our wedding anniversary. Such a coincidence
  5. Hi guys- I just got app notice that they scheduled my AOS interview today. My PD is 8-16-2018. So definitely they are moving a lot faster now. Hanging on!! I will update my interview date once I get the letter. Thanks
  6. I hope so!! Our wedding anuv is Aug 5th. if so, that will be the best news to celebrate our marriage hahaha
  7. Requested through phone: 25th Sep Got an email asking for evidence: 26th Sep Faxed the evidence: 26th Sep email about evidence was received: 1st Oct Card is being produced: 4th Oct This is my timeline. and the evidence i submitted was my job offer and a medical bill together with our credit card bill. I seriously think expediting is a mysterious process. Because i have a friend got approved without submitting anything.
  8. Yeah, I have been waiting around 10.5 months since my PD. Well, life is going just this process sucks
  9. This is really a slow state that even this thread is so quiet hahahhahah
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