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  1. What a disgrace that he treated you in such a condescending manner!
  2. Very confusing. This is why FOIA might help because then they can't use the missing A-file as an excuse!
  3. I submitted a service request for "out of normal time processing" after filing FOIA for my A-file.
  4. That's similar to the message l got two weeks before my interview notice!
  5. I'm somewhat skeptical about this but considering that we are dealing with an inept bureaucracy, it may be that this is the quickest way to retrieve your A-file. There's some degree of automation to the system so the availability of your A-file probably triggers some action. Computers talking to bureaucrats! That would be my guess. There's people that have done this and are still waiting. So it's not a magic bullet.
  6. Awesome! Me too. April 12. Filed FOIA and was in step 3. However, they had already told me to expect an interview notice within 30 days after l submitted an enquiry. So the jury is still out there on FOIA, I guess. But l think it's better to file than not just because it gives you a sense of having some control over your own fate!
  7. Submitted another "out of normal time" service request two days ago and this morning got an email promising to send an interview notice within 30 days. Something about scheduling of the interview not yet done. And by the way, bring the notice with you to the interview! And l'm like, f, where's the notice? What you waiting for if you already know you are going to send it? Bizarro!
  8. Thanks and good luck. Your date is very close to mine (April 18) but Detroit field office's hands are tied, really. They're waiting for NBC.
  9. Not to discourage anybody from being proactive about their case, but my Congressional aide was told that they will not take extraordinary measures with my case unless l can make a compelling case showing how not being a citizen is impacting my life or dependents negatively. Date of filing is not a sufficient reason. I have submitted several 'out of normal time requests'. In fact, as soon as l get a response ( still working on your case!), I submit another. Recently, they locked me out of the submission portal for some days because of my perseverance. That's how it is. I'm used to shoddy treatment just based on who l am and where l come from, so nothing surprises me. We shall overcome!
  10. Nice. What's your field office and date of filing? Did you do anything special to push your case?
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