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  1. Yeah thats true. After i posted this i saw on the website that said : "USCIS will automatically reschedule Application Support Center appointments due to the office closure. You will receive a new appointment letter in the mail." So i guess i just have to wait and see!
  2. Hi everyone, Yesterday my husband received his appointment for the finger prints for 4/03/2020. Any idea if we will have to reschedule due to the pandemic? The USCIS website says they are closed until 4/01/2020, but I'm not sure if that means our appointment is still going on?
  3. Yeah it was london, well okay great!!
  4. Hi! So my fiance has his interview today! He said it went well and he thinks he was approved. He said it all went by so quickly and he just got a bit confused to be honest. Anyways, they took his passport and said it would be sent back after it was updated. Just to be sure, does that mean approved? 😂 (would they not take your passport if denied...?)
  5. Hello, my fiance has his interview on Wednesday and we just now realized it asks for the original and a photocopy of each document. Is it okay if we dont have copies or is it mandatory? If it is, is the photocopy required for every document or just certain ones?
  6. Wow that sucks 😭 Thanks for letting me know this. We wont have time to have them put a hold on the file and for him to get the shot before his interview, we will have to do the more expensive route. I'll look more into what will have to be done once he is here!
  7. That is was we were assuming, but we weren't sure. Thanks!
  8. My fiance just had his medical exam in london yesterday. They said that he needed his tetanus shot and instead of offering to give it to him there, they said it needs it by his transition period. We don't know what they mean by this. Also, he doesn't have his hep a shot, but they said he doesn't need it?
  9. I sent an attachment, its letter g where it mention ds 260. That's why we were confused. It doesn't mention it on the website, just in that email
  10. Oh okay. I think it was in an email he got in he booked asking to bring in the a confirmation. We will bring it just in case
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