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  1. My fiance just had his interview at the embassy in Caracas. Even with all the bumps along the way...... We got approved🍾🥂❤️!!! So thankful for everyones help, their stories, and the understand of the situation and terrible waiting games that no one else quite understands.... Will hopefully see you all in the AOS threads. Special thank you to @Greenbaum for keeping us all sane and well educated on what we needed throughout this process!
  2. So our interview is on Monday. I sent a binder of everything he will need (perfectly organized), but sadly it will not reach him in time (its beyond 2 weeks from the guaranteed delivery date). Is it an issue if he does not have originals with him? He will have his original letter of intent and BC. Plus printed copies of our pics and call logs. We have an email from Aruba's ministry of justice, where he lived just shy of 6 months, with a scanned copy of his letter of good conduct. I'm just so nervous because we have waited 10 months for this and Fedex throws us a MAJOR curve ball.
  3. So I had applied for a tourist visa for Venezuela so I could attend the interview with my fiance. After giving them everything they asked for long with my passport for 4 weeks, they ultimately denied my visa😩. No explanation, just a stamp that said visa denied. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come. Our interview is Dec 3rd, so hopefully everything will go smoothly from here and he will get here around xmas. It definitely is humbling to be on the other side of the visa process, and then to be denied. But we are keeping out spirits up. Good luck to everyone who has their interview these next few weeks
  4. I would double check to make sure the police certificate is still valid. From what I understand, some embassy's want the certificate to be less than 6-12 months old.
  5. On our appointment paper work it says it takes our embassy 5-15 days to get the visa and passport back.
  6. they probably send a bunch together... because there are thousands of apps that go out every 2 weeks-ish.... mine is tracking quite well... sitting in panama at the moment.
  7. Oh yea I know. We planned this vacation back in April to celebrate his birthday together and just hoped that everything would be approved by then... guess we forgot we were dealing with the government lol... for Venezuela it takes 5-15 days to receive your visa/passport back. We haven't planned his flights for anything except to and from the interview. It's still gonna be a good vacation even if he can't attend.... cuz I need one after all the ups and downs with this process.... chillin on a beach with a tropical adult beverage is a good way to celebrate🕶️🍹
  8. Appointment made! Dec 3.... Christmas looks like a possibility.... however our scheduled "family" vacation is probably a bust. My family planned a vacation together with Jose in Aruba Dec 8-15, then we hoped he would fly home with us as a family, but he will probably not have his passport/visa back yet.
  9. Tracked the shipment, showed deliver for Monday Oct 22 😫 but whatever, almost there... i just want to make my appointment!
  10. So do you need to wait for your our case to say ready, or can we schedule the interview once we have our case number? We got our case number today
  11. I called this evening. You can still call today and give them your USCIS number. 603 334 0888
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