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  1. It really varies from case to case. Our interview was February 5 and she will pick her passport up today, February 13. But I know she said one of the other women who had her interview the same day still shows her status as "ready" on the CEAC site. So, it is very difficult to say when it will be "issued" and ready to pickup.
  2. We had our interview today and I, the petitioner, just printed copies of my returns and brought them. I've just done my taxes online for the past 10 or so years also. I printed the 1040A for 2017 and 2016 just to be safe.
  3. Oh, good. I'm happy you've had some of them answered already. I'll see if I can help with these others some. We scheduled our interview on 12 December. Our status changed to "Ready" that day. Or late the day before. I (the petitioner) did not receive an email from the embassy with interview scheduling instructions until 21 December. She never did to my knowledge, but I forward it to her even though we had already scheduled the interview and her bio-metrics. From what I have read on here, it should not be an issue if you don't get the email about scheduling. I believe others have never gotten it before also and it has not been a problem. As long as you can get it scheduled and know all of the documents to bring with you to it. They do provide this link in the email for all of the documents you will need. https://br.usembassy.gov/visas/fiancee/the-interview-2/ I hope this helps!
  4. Sorry that I'm just now seeing this, I haven't been on here in a week or more. I see you've had some other posts since, have you had your questions answered. If not, I will try to answer any. If I can remember how things went. 😁
  5. We were able to schedule our interview today and figured out to just add the minor child at the same time. You do pay for both also if anyone else was curious. I would assume for each additional one as well.
  6. I've been through all of this thread and a few others, but I can't seem to find what I am looking for and hoping someone here can clear something up. We are doing a K-1 and the beneficiary has a minor child that will be coming with her. Our case is "In Transit" as of today and we are looking to schedule the interview very soon. Do we need to schedule a separate interview and pay for it for her minor child? Or does the child just accompany us as part of the beneficiary's interview? Thanks!
  7. Our case number has been created. I-129F NOA2 :2018-10-12 NVC Received :2018-11-14 Date Case # :2018-11-27
  8. Does anyone know if their is a time frame that the supporting documentation should/can not exceed? I believe I've read that items like police certificates can't be anymore than 30 days out from the interview, but I can't find and I'm uncertain of supporting documents for the I-134. Thanks!
  9. A lot to take in here. Hope my question did not annoy you too much.
  10. Excellent! Thanks for clearing that up. Hopefully that works better than the apps and websites waiting for the NOA1.
  11. I'm looking for clarification on this step to take. The link takes you to the Ask NCV page, does completing this form and including the beneficiary's email in the question box update your email with the NVC? If so, how reliable is the email service to update you on your case? Thanks!
  12. Almost forgot to check-in with this thread. NOA2 on the new site 10/15 and the letter 10/12.
  13. Approved! Old Site: March 19 New Site: March 23 NOA2: October 15 Showed up on the new site only so far. Not on the old or any apps yet.
  14. I get it that it is the petitioner's responsibility to gather and provide all of the evidence needed, but at this point you would think they would be able to have a database of the dating sites/apps and whether or not they are an IMBRA. A quick and easy reference guide to look through and see. That would save both sides time and money. Especially on their end.
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