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  1. This questions problems seems self explanatory. But with what's at stake..we are 2nd guessing our common sense... Our green card interview was scheduled for April, but cancelled like everyone else. We just received notification it has been rescheduled for next Friday. The interview notice states we need to bring: I-864 (Affidavit of Support) unless one has already been submitted. Medical Exam Form/Vaccination Supplement unless one has already been submitted I submitted an I-864 in November with her AOS application. However, 9 months seems a little out of date so we're planning to bring updated evidence (recent paystubs, employment verification letter, 2019 tax returns). Would you submit a brand new I-864 or just bring some recent evidence to supplement what's already been submitted? Her Medical Exam Form/Vaccination Record was completed in Brazil and submitted at her K1 Fiance Visa interview. So if I'm reading this right..she DOESN'T need a new form. It's interesting that this interview notice doesn't include as thorough of a checklist of items to bring as the original notice..
  2. Background: My wife arrived on a K1 visa in October. Married in November and submitted the Adjustment of Status, Employment Authorization and Advanced Parole forms (I-485, I-765, I-131). We self-filed all along the way with success thanks to the great info here. The EAD/Advanced Parole combo card arrived for my wife and stepdaughter almost a month ago. The Green Card interview was scheduled for mid-April but has since been cancelled due to the shutdown surrounding Covid-19. We received notice it would be rescheduled at a later date. Situation: Our understanding was a Social Security Card would arrive about 2 weeks after the EAD. It has still not arrived. Our state will not issue her a driver's license without a green card or SSN so she's eagerly waiting on the SSN she can obtain a Driver's License, be listed as a joint on my bank accounts and utilities and so we can file taxes. Our CPA is only waiting for a SSN or green card to move forward. Am I correct in my understand that a SSN would arrive as part of an approved Employment Authorization Document application? We check the appropriate boxes when submitting the form stating we did want to apply for a SSN. If one SHOULD arrive has anyone experienced a longer wait time to receive? We don't know if we should be receiving one but haven't due to a Covid-19 shutdown...or if we were mistaken in assuming one would be issued in the first place. Advice? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey all- I've been able to answer most my questions with a thorough search of past questions..but this one I can't find. We're filing an I-765 (Employment Authorization) for our K2 minor child along with the rest of the AOS paperwork. For the purpose of getting her a Social Security Card. Item 16 requests the birth names of the applicants' father/mother. I ASSUME we should list the K2 child's biological father. However, since I'm now her stepfather, was the K1 petitioner, and the biological father hasn't ever been in her life I wanted to double check. Wasn't sure if I should list the US citizen step father (me) or her biological father in Brasil. Any thoughts? This one has me stumped. Thanks ahead of time!
  4. My fiance received her letter from the Rio consulate. She completed the DS-160 for her and her daughter. We scheduled her interview for Sept 17th. We know an interview needs to be scheduled for both her and her 11 year old daughter. The visa scheduling site allows you to create a group application. So we only selected one date. Per the consulate instructions her daughter doesn't need to attend the biometrics appointment since she is under 16 years old. However, I was just re-reading her consulate letter again and the wording makes it sound as if separate appointments need to be made for both her and her daughter. We created a group application and selected one interview date/time. Can someone confirm this is correct? On a side note, the Rio consulate states petitioner attendance at the interview is encouraged but not required. We feel we have a rock solid case. Multiple in person visits, extensive evidence, both of us have good careers and degrees. There will be significant post wedding expenses and we just met again for 2 weeks last month. We don't want to risk a denial, but don't want to spend money unnecessarily. I think I'm mostly looking for a little reassurance. Seems like we can all relate to how stressful this process can be. The instructions can be convoluted and ambiguous at times. I think it's given us a case of acute paranoia at this point.
  5. This is perfect. Thanks for all the responses everyone. Much appreciated.
  6. Good to know. It sounded off to me. I pushed back via email, but haven't heard back from HR yet (shocking).
  7. I'm wondering if anyone has run into this issue. I work for a hospital system. My fiance interviews soon. If approved she'd likely move her about October. I contacted my employer about adding her and her daughter to my insurance plan after the wedding. I was told they'd need a copy of the birth certificate, marriage license AND Social Security Number or Taxpayer ID. Obvious issue being we'll be legally married but she won't have a SSN until their status is adjusted. I looked into Taxpayer ID's and it appears as if non-immigrants can apply for a Taxpayer ID number. We'll likely be married in Oct so I'd also need a taxpayer ID for them if I'm going to claim them as dependents. My stepdaughter takes medication for a chronic endocrine issue. Nothing major and well managed, but she does take medication daily. Since she has a pre-existing condition travelers insurance won't work to bridge the gap. It's imperative I get her on my employer sponsored plan ASAP. Any advice? Has anyone filed for a taxpayer ID for their K1/K2 beneficiaries?
  8. I've received an email with a letter from the NVC stating they've received the I129 and will be forwarding it the consulate in Brasil. My fiance in Brasil began completing the DS-160. 1) Instructions state answers should be in English. I know this obviously applies to questions that ask her to explain her job duties. But am I correct to assume it also applies to addresses, employer names, and universities? My ONLY concern is this wouldn't match information on the I-129F and other documentation. For example, if her address was "Rua Lagoa 123, Apartamento 31"...translated to English and in correct English format it would be "123 Lake Street, Apartment 31" Is this correct or will it cause an issue since the addresses don't match? I also assume we'd change "Universidade de Sao Paulo" to "University of Sao Paulo"? 2) She has two jobs. Both were listed as current employers on the I-129F. However, the DS-160 only allows you to list one current employer. Should she list her other current employer under "Previous Employment"? We could make a note in the "Job Duties" section stating she was still currently employed at this position. I'd rather do that than have an immigration officer question us on why there was a discrepancy between the I-129F and the DS-160. Thoughts? When confronted with "either/or" questions on the I-129F where the answer wasn't clearly addressed in the instructions we made a decision to err on the side of thoroughness so they could at least see a good faith effort. For example, when listing the name of my ex-wife I included an addendum in Part 8 and listed my ex wife's maiden, married, AND currently remarried surname. Overkill? Probably. But they didn't clarify which last name they wanted so I took the time to list them all.
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