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  1. this happen to me as well,but I was choosing the wrong categorys in the 3 forms,when I sent my package back I make sure to pick the rights categorys and attached all the documents necessarys to any form and sent a cover letter too now and on the top of everything the green cover sheet and recently (thanks God) they accepted my package and start my process.
  2. thank you so much and for the advance parole wich category should be? permanent or condition residence? this option show me I should pay for advance parole as I saw at the USCIS calculator
  3. thank you for your answer but now I am confuse cause in my notice of action the USCIS mentioned my category is a6.
  4. Sorry but it doenst make sense as long I am married with an american citizen I have my rights to apply for my AOS, so if they reject my case probably something is wrong and I guess may be the value of the fees so I would like to know if it change already and now we have to pay for EAD and Advance Parole and if the I485 change the values of the fee.
  5. I choose the family based imigration category a6 for my EAD and yes I sent the I944 form (but is not necessary anymore since last week but I sent) I filled for my AOS in june .
  6. Hi I would like to know if someone can help me and tell me how much is exactly the correct values that I have to pay for my AOS forms, I came to US with K1 visa and now I am applying for AOS but my package come back twice and in my notice of action they said I didnt payed the correct fees, I sent a check of $1225 dollars and also called to USCIS and they said this value was correct, ( I apply for I485 I765 I131), so I am lost cause I dont know what I am doing wrong
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