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  1. Thank you for this information, we already have some of the documents you've mentioned except for the HIPAA releases. I'll tell my husband about it.
  2. There are people who makes excuses instead of doing something to better themselves and from working at Jollibee I met students who are doing their best to support their education and at the same time help their families. So yeah, that alone is enough to be admired. Hahaha, now I feel nostalgic.
  3. Thank you, I really need to have more confidence while driving so I can learn faster. I don't want to depend to my husband driving all the time😅
  4. HAHAHA, he was teaching me last thanksgiving, I got so pressured that I just stopped the car and cried😂🙈😂🙈
  5. My husband is teaching me how to drive and it always makes me nervous, to think we were just driving around the neighbourhood lol.
  6. OMG hahahah I just asked my husband the other day to teach me what to do in case of a medical emergency ( I'm still learning how to drive😅) like what papers should I bring if he's the one sick, etc etc. Wow, I'm still a beginner with embroidery and starting out on small patterns it will take me some time to be good at it. You are so talented lol I'm not very good at hand sewing😂🙈
  7. hahaha you're right, I'll 'experiment' more 'til I get it right. Aside from baking and house work I also do cross stitch and embroidery on my spare time, I'm awkward and shy around other people so I really don't go out often unless my husband is with me.😅
  8. I also try baking too, lately I'm stocking up my pantry with ingredients to make Filipino delicacies (kutsinta, puto, etc.) I tried baking lemon bars once and it failed lol.
  9. I was really hoping for a hassle free check-in that's why I opted to do it online. Haha, I should've known better lol.
  10. I did the online payment for my travel tax last August and it seems that some check-in agents at the counter (Asiana Airlines) were still not familiar with it. They asked me to have my printed receipt validated at the TIEZA counter even though I insisted that it's already verified online. Well, I went to the TIEZA counter and talked to one of the people there and they were also puzzled why they don't honor it. I ended up talking to a check-in counter supervisor just to get my boarding pass. SMH😑
  11. http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=Philippines&cty=&dfilter=5
  12. I spend a lot of time here that I don't remove VJ on my tabs lol
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