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  1. Yeah it’s incredibly awful, especially for those who don’t have family or friends at their old residencies. I’m sure if you’re expecting a letter and it doesn’t arrive within timely fashion you could call and ask where it’s been sent / have a new copy sent to a different address!
  2. Just got my interview letter.. July 25th. Kinda far away but we’re so excited! - wanna add that it got sent to our old address, even though I did an address change about 4 or so months ago and we received address change confirmation letters at our new home
  3. Thank you lovely!! Truly some of the best news to read, especially from a couple I feel I’ve been through this entire storm with. Congrats 100x over to you both!! 💛💛
  4. Just realized I didn’t add much info - 217 days since we sent off the application, 214 since USCIS received our case, We received RFIE on April 16, took us a while to send it back out but they received it May 13, case changed to “ready to be scheduled” on Jun 5, and now “interview scheduled” Jun 11 LFO is Long Island, NY still no EAD/AP
  5. Woke up & checked my phone, text from USCIS - MY INTERVIEW HAS BEEN SCHEDULED!!!! 6 days after it changed to “ready to be scheduled” I rolled over and shook my husband awake. I actually can’t believe it 😭😭
  6. We’re on 212 for EAD / AP too (snap!) but 65 days waiting for RFE response.. ugh, that’s awful. Hugs 💛
  7. Personally I think it’s a disgrace that I got RFIE so long after submitting bc I see most getting theirs fairly soon after! But yes you’re right! Not even a month. I’m over the moon, although it could still take a while from here - some movement is good!! Fingers crossed for you!
  9. Today is my birthday and all I want for it is EAD/AP approval.. Is that insane? Am I bizarre? Is this an appropriate bday wish? 😂 sending love to all this week 💛
  10. Today is day 210 for us, the same amount of days it took for my k1 visa to be approved ☹️
  11. AP/EAD is a combo card, so I think in some situations (as I know it’s happened to others here) either EAD is approved and AP doesn’t change or vice versa. Just have to see when the card comes in the mail
  12. Had a dream that my EAD/AP was approved and woke up in a heap of excitement. What is this process doing to me 😂
  13. Interesting, that’s not too bad. I mailed it Nov 2018, yet to receive EAD/AP (205 days) and nothing for interview as of yet
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