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    We met playing online Yatzee! I live in Michigan. Kevin lives in England. We got engaged on his first visit here in September. We were fortunate enough to get to spend our first Christmas and New Year's eve together! Our next one will be as husband and wife❤ We are so comfortable together. We can talk for hours and not run out of words. He can always make me laugh. He is my rock, my soulmate, my world❤

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  1. So excited! Our interview was scheduled! Biometrics January 8th Interview scheduled March 4th Detroit, MI office Now to wait on the letter with the date😊
  2. They received our AOS package on December 21st. He had his biometric appt in Detroit on January 8th. We haven't heard anything since then. What website are you checking for updates on? Is it the same one we used with the original k1 visa? What case number do we use? The wac? Or a different one? Thanks so much❤
  3. My fiance has his interview at the london embassy at 0900. I'm so nervous! I hope it goes well.😊
  4. Congrats! My fiance has his interview in London on Sept 17th! Was the process pretty straight forward? Did you get the approval before you left??
  5. What does of "additional testing" might be required during the medical. The medical is Aug 29th. I'm going to try for the interview the week of September 10th. Thanks
  6. My fiance called today to book his medical and the soonest he could get in was August 29th😢. Still waiting for the embassy to receive our case to book the interview. Hopefully there isn't too long of a wait for that!
  7. Our case is IN TRANSIT to London since Wednesday. Does anyone know roughly how longit takes? Di they send it electronically or snail mail? Thanks so much❤
  8. Is there a sub-forum for the London embassy? Thanks!
  9. NVC must've got a bunch of cases ready today cuz mine is in transit to London! Yeaaaa❤ so happy for everyone! NVC received july 11th Case number assigned July 12th In transit July 24th😁
  10. My NOA2 was June 22. I started calling after 2 weeks, on the 9th. They received it on the 10th. I called on the 11th and the case number was assigned! Once you have the case number you can check the status online and see when it has been sent to the embassy!
  11. So, just an update for reference: NOA1 - Dec 15 NOA2 - June 22 (192 days) Received at NVC - July 10 Case number assigned - July 11 😁 so excited!😁
  12. Hi everyone. My NOA2 was dated June 22. I called the NVC today and they haven't received it. Should I call every day at this point or just every few days? The gentleman talked to said it could take up to 6 weeks for them to receive it😭 Thanks😁
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