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  1. Mine was April 1st. Haven’t received a new one. Probably coz closures are extended May 3rd
  2. Ayos lang kababayan! 😊 On this waiting ⛵️ for rescheduled biometrics and lost I-131 notices 😊 I see you’re done with biometrics. Interview soon? 🙏🏽
  3. Kabayan, kumusta? ☺️ Pending interview is good news! I’m a bit confused how it skipped biometrics? I hope you get these notices soon as these are important. I just turned informed delivery yesterday after I read about it on here. Still didn’t get the I-131 NOA1. I submitted a non delivery notice also but haven’t heard from them. As for my biometrics, @chxakx informed me of the ASC closing due to Covid-19. So I’d have to wait for another notice for the new schedule. 😓
  4. Thank you so much for this. I was confident they would be open on the 1st. 😓Thank God for you. So, do I need to call or should I just wait for the new schedule in the mail?
  5. Yes I am! 😊 kumusta? I checked mail today and still didn’t get that letter. Btw, I’m in MO. My biometrics will be at St. Louis ASC April 1st. I’m unsure if they’d be open. Which state are you in? I also agree with you, a lot must have rushed to file before the 24th just like I did lol so they’re going through all that pile. Hoping your biometrics notice will be in the mail soon!
  6. Thank you, hopefully I’ll receive it this week. I received the first 2 March 13th, then biometrics notice on the 17th.
  7. Congratulations! I filed same date, too! Received sms receipt notices for all 3 but only got 2 in the mail. I didn’t receive the notice for I-131 yet 😔
  8. Hang in there.. you’ll receive it hopefully this week. Takes 3-5 weeks to get notices from date of filing. This week would be the 5th week. So it’s probably in the mail tomorrow!
  9. Okay, I’ll contact them if I still don’t have it this week. Thank you!
  10. Hi! I filed AOS, EAD and TD last 02/20/20 and recieved notices for both AOS AND EAD 03/12/20 but I somehow haven’t gotten one for the TD up to today. I did receive another letter for biometrics scheduled on 04/01/20 for both AOD and EAD yet still no notice for the TD. Is this normal? I did receive text messages that they received the 3. Should I also be receiving a separate biometrics appointment for the TD? TYIA
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