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  1. I live in SC just 1.5 hrs from Charlotte. I just got a letter of appointment for my biometrics which will be in Charlotte. At first I thought it’ll be in Charleston but I guess my field office is Charlotte.
  2. Yes the same status from USPS. It should update soon.
  3. I sent mine on the 27th of February and was supposed to be there March 1st. But it was not until March 3rd when They delivered it. Their website was updated on the 4th of March. And I got a text notification from USCIS on the evening of March 5th. USPS website doesn’t get a real time update.
  4. PSMB

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    Thanks! Yes, Canada post will send email whenever there are updates on the parcel.
  5. PSMB

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    Thank you. Yes I got it today. I’m not sure which fee you are talking about, but if it’s the visa processing fee, it’s when you are about to schedule your interview.
  6. PSMB

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    Thanks! I chose pick up.
  7. PSMB

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    I had the interview too yesterday and ceac shows on admin processing. I just got an email from the Canada Post that they’ve already picked up my passport and estimated date of delivery to the post office will be tomorrow. The ceac website still has not updated despite the fact that canada post has already the parcel.
  8. PSMB

    k1 filers - NOV-DEC 2018 NOA2-->Consulate.

    Mine is on the 9th too!
  9. I did my ds 160 when the status of my case number says “READY” on the website. And I cant remember which number I used for it. Montreal will have to send you the packet 4 for you to be able to pay visa and schedule an interview.
  10. PSMB

    Noa2 to Visa timeframe - K1

    I was just checking on your timeline. I’ll be having my interview date on the 9th of January too. Good luck!
  11. PSMB

    Noa2 to Visa timeframe - K1

    https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx you can check the status using your case number and it will say “ready” if montreal has it.
  12. PSMB

    Noa2 to Visa timeframe - K1

    @datnukkahd do you know if January interview dates are already available? Thanks