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  1. Had my interview a few days ago. Unfortunately, my spouse (Petitioner) was unable to attend the interview because he is currently away on military orders. I was very nervous going alone and not wanting to reschedule. All in all, the interview went okay. With A LOT of questions! I was told a decision could not be made right away and to wait 30-60 days. The following day I received update that my case was approved! Day 220! 🙌🙌🙌
  2. It's difficult to say because for some reason the timelines are different for most people. My NOA date is March 14th and have my interview on October 2nd. Although my local office is different, our processing times are 10.5 - 24.5 months. Even with an RFIE, my interview was scheduled very early.
  3. Approximately one week. Once my card was being produced, I received the Approval Notice in the mail within a few days. My status online kept updating everyday from "waiting for USPS pickup", to actually receiving a tracking number for the card. Which then arrived 3 days after. Unfortunately, some people on the forum did not get this lucky and had to wait much longer, or are STILL waiting for their EAD card to arrive. Not sure why. Hoping yours goes as smooth as mine did. Congrats on the next step.
  4. Received my card today as well.! About how long did it take for your i485 to change from "ready to be scheduled" to it being actually scheduled.?
  5. Received update on my I765 few days ago; new EAD card is being processed. How long is the average wait for this card to arrive for most? Do our local field offices also provide EAD cards or does that come directly from NBC? My I485 interview is "ready to be scheduled" and local office is 10.5 - 24 months.
  6. Just received an update! "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview." Everything else is still pending. For everyone that is still waiting, HAVE HOPE. They are working on our files. Slowly..... but Surely!!!!! Wishing you all good news!!
  7. Still here patiently waiting.. You are not alone. 🤞🤞
  8. Yes, everything is complete. Was only asking because you mentioned that one usually continues and the other restarts. I'm trying to find out if I should expect a delay on my case or if I am going to hear something very soon. My current timeline in mentioned below: 03/14: NOA1 03/21: RFIE for B/C I-485 04/02: Biometrics completed 06/05 : USCIS's RFE received (B/C I-485)
  9. That's awesome to hear! Congrats! My local office is also Honolulu. I was pretty nervous after seeing their processing time. Best of luck on your interview. Mahalo!
  10. Is there a difference between RFIE and RFE? The document that I received in mail was titled "Request For Initial Evidence". But my case status online says "Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received". I just assumed they were the same thing.
  11. No, I haven't made an enquiry yet. Only because it's just been a few days and I didnt want to seem like a crazy impatient person. (Which I am! HAHA!) Was curious to see what others thought on this, but seems like no one really knows. Thanks for your input. It has been a long wait and I hope we hear something soon.
  12. So excited to see processing times change and watching everyone wait anxiously for news. I do have a question for my case though, hoping someone can give their opinion or advice.. My AOS package (I130, I131, I765, I485) NOA1 date is March 14. Biometrics completed on April 2nd. I did receive an RFE on my I485 for a Birth Certificate shortly after (had a problem with the one submitted). Because of this issue, my file was put on hold until a new B/C was submitted. On June 5th the evidence was received and I was notified they would continue working on my case. Will my case still reflect on the March 14th date or June 5th? Wishing all March filers best of luck this month!
  13. Question for NOA1's. I filed concurrently, I just received NOA's for the i130, i485, & i131. But do not see anything for the i765. Is this included with one of the other cases such as the i131? Or should I have a separate receipt number and NOA for the employment case?
  14. Just hang in there. Mine arrived on Feb 27th. And I just received the text notifications last night, March 14th. My checks have not been cashed yet. I know it's very stressful when you see all other cases process so much faster than your own. Best of luck!
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