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  1. I hate to drag out this thread longer; you asked a question and it was answered. Very well, I might add. It assuredly came across as you wanting someone to uplift and tell you what you wanted to hear versus what is factually happening. It’s fair to say that we all get frustrated at some point along in this process; however, projecting it on @Greenbaum in this case (or anyone else for that matter) will lead you nowhere. He has been here for years and will most likely be long after your time here (knock on wood), taking the time out of his daily life to answer THOUSANDS of questions, hundreds quite similar to yours I bet. It may not be what you want to hear or how you want to hear it, but believe me and MANY, MANY, MANY others - he’s rarely far off and you should take his advice to the bank. Everyone’s wait is most important to them and just how excruciatingly long of a wait is subjective. I don’t think 7 months is long AT ALL considering you just got approved. Speaking from experience. Count your blessings. You’re a newbie, welcome to the forum and I hope you end up with your loved one as fast as the process allows. You will get there!
  2. Congrats on your EAD!!! You should include all skills/experience you possess as it relates to the job you are applying for - assuming it is entry-level (even if you haven't worked in that specific industry). Now, although it isn't true in every case, almost everyone possesses the skills to facilitate an entry-level employment position without the hands-on experience and you want to make that point as it pertains to you when you apply.
  3. I hear you! It's all about perspective; for me, focusing on the positive on those days really gets me in check.
  4. We've filed for AOS a couple months ago thankfully - I'm the USC I'm located in SF but am a native of the valley - try Merced, Fresno, Tulare, Stanislaus - just keep calling. This entire state has events unfolding with COVID-19 and their respective websites may not be updated to reflect any closures. I would just call directly to save time - fingers crossed for you.
  5. Same line of thinking here - we're expecting the shelter-in-place in SF to extend far beyond the anticipated 1st week of April; it's just chaos now - it's has just started......
  6. You may have to venture in to the central valley for a marriage license - check Kern, Kings, Inyo etc, keep looking up to northern counties and prepare yourself for a road trip. There is bound to be a county that is issuing them. Please be sure to take precautionary health measures for yourself as well. I'm in San Francisco and in the beginning days of the mandatory Shelter in Place - so stay away from Bay Area counties. Good luck to you.
  7. I know - it sucks. We have very little control. I’m hoping you get your approval in the coming months; just be patient - you got this!
  8. I’m not sure about RFE tracking, but generally most see adjudication in a couple of weeks; I usually lean on @Greenbaum for this kind of stuff. He has an insane memory and is the master of trend observation (and SO much more too).
  9. I think the OP should CONTINUE to contact regarding a congressional inquiry as it wasn't mentioned when that completed. Cases get transferred to other service centers for a myriad of reasons and not all bad reasons - the most common reason in my experience is due to backlogs. If the congressional inquiry results in another vague statement mimicking the USCIS general responses, perhaps the OP should then consider a WOM action or withdrawing their K1 and opting for the spousal visa route. I made congressional inquires a year into waiting to no avail - it was when I made further congressional inquires later into the wait into the process when it resulted in movement. Everyone's own mileage varies. It's a situation that's incredibly difficult to navigate through emotionally. Coming from experience, and waiting a total of 755 days from k1 filing to when my (now husband) finally arrived with VIH - I have a colossal amount of empathy as I've been in the OP's shoes. They are not easy shoes to walk in. You're just a few weeks into the waiting process @elkski - wishing you don't experience what this person is living, and what many others have had to endure. In regards to the coronavirus, USCIS's Seattle office has closed temporarily - I imagine their case loads are being transferred to other service centers. More may close, it wouldn't be surprising if a backlog ensues. USCIS also published this on their website: https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-a-uscis-office/if-you-feel-sick-please-consider-canceling-and-rescheduling-your-uscis-appointment Good luck @Christopher H, please feel free to message me.
  10. You should really fill in your timeline here so others can follow your story. Submit a congressional inquiry - that sparked movement in our case. I spent far too much money on an attorney during our own battle while we were pending security checks - they didn't do anything other than what I was already doing (submitting an inquiry at USCIS every 30 days). A writ of mandamus action is very costly and as I'm sure you've already researched - not a certain approval would await you. A writ of mandamus action would also entertain another waiting period. This forum here will afford you much more education about this process than a highly experienced attorney would imho. I'd go with the congressional inquiry and if after 60 days you are still waiting; perhaps you should think about withdrawing your K1, opting to get married and subsequently file the i-130.
  11. Fingers crossed for you (and rooting for you!) - hoping you get your NOA 2 within the next 30 days!
  12. Exactly and you're welcome! There are great sample letters here on this forum if you need some guidance.
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