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  1. Finally got case number yesterday! NVC Received: November 21st, 2018 Case Number Received: January 14th, 2019 Even though, I had an email on file, I did not receive the case number on email, I had to call them to get it. Somehow the email didn't get sent, not sure why, still no email. I am so happy, 7 weeks and 5 days!!
  2. Mother filing for two sons IR2. One IR2 case awaiting interview 18 years old, just now got another IR2 age 15 case number however the AOS already says it's paid, but i did not pay for second child. he has to file i864W so I'm wondering if it's because of that or error?!?
  3. When did NVC receive your case? Mine was received in November 21st and I still haven't gotten my case number.
  4. If you want a lawyer or 3rd party on the case otherwise you are the agent.
  5. Congratulations!! I completely agree! You are correct on the Choice of Agent too.
  6. I am still waiting for mine, hopefully I get it today! Congratulations!!
  7. I would call 1-2 weeks after USCIS has changed status on the website that they have sent it to NVC. For me, I had to get the case number assigned first and then I added an email.
  8. Congratulations!!! The times vary, as of now. It is taking 7 weeks after they have received your case to create a case number but times do change. I had two IR2 cases which is the same timeline as IR1/CR1 First case, they received a week after USCIS sent it and assigned case number 3 weeks after receiving it. This case however, they received it one week after USCIS sent it, still awaiting case number. It really depends, but you're looking at 7 weeks plus AFTER receiving as of now. Hang in there, patience is diffently a virtue.
  9. For me, there was no way I could compress it without quality being affected however all documents were accepted as long as it is readable.
  10. They have now changed things, they now automatically assign you as the DOS. I have two IR2 (Children) Cases which is the same timeline as CR1, the first one is CC already and that's what they did to that first case. However I do not know if that only applies to IR2 Cases. But once the fees have been paid, I would give them a call to make sure it also applies to you. You probably can change it after then! I'm just waiting on this case now.
  11. Looks like they have done some November 21st dates, we are close!!
  12. Congratulations, I am happy for you!!!! This means hopefully it's today or monday then for us
  13. That's the same answer I got, however I called a few days ago and the lady said the middle of next week because the end of next week is past 8 weeks from November 21st. I saw two November 20th yesterday so I will call them right before they close today just in case they get it done today then, if not, most likely Monday. Well.... hopefully.
  14. Has anyone with a NVC RECEIVED date of November 21st been assigned a case number today?
  15. For me, they automatically assigned me as the DOS however I paid fees first technically.