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  1. Actually after being issue, the status changes on the ustraveldoc website for Ghana. It should say your passport is ready to pick up there. Please input your passport information on there. To this day it still says issued on CEAC but I have already picked up passport so long ago, it never changed on CEAC just the website
  2. If you want it fast, it is about 160gh and I got it within 3 days.
  3. To everyone in the forum, CEAC did not update my status after it went to issued After interview; CEAC website CEAC status changes to AP After a week and one day (but can vary depending on consulate), it changes to Issued After Issued, check on the website below or call the number on the website, either one works. AFTER ISSUED: go to http://staging2012.ustraveldocs.com/gh/gh-main-contactus.asp#ChecktheStatusofYourVisa Scroll down to Check the Status of your Passport Input your passport number including the letter (e.g G1234569) If your visa is not ready for pick it, it will always say "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted" If your visa is ready to pick up, it will change to "Your passport is ready for pick up" Once you pick up, it will change to "Your passport has been picked up" If you do call them, it will actually say that it is with the carrier and will be delivered but that means its at DHL too and you can pick it up. Callers in Ghana: +233505885956, +233243283510, +233506592787 and +233546719469 Callers in the US: +17035202573 Until this day, CEAC still says Issued, but I have already picked up the visa. The time from interview to visa ready for pick up is 2 weeks and 3 days. This is IR2 case I hope this helps
  4. Mine changed to issued after a week and one day, so yours should be too. Pretty soon
  5. Thank you for the responds. Can you direct me to the steps I should take pleases?
  6. Does the beneficiary need to pay for green card fee even though they will become a citizen after entering the US because the parent naturalized?
  7. I have emailed them now and then I will also call them in their business hours. Thank you so much dear!!
  8. Oh really, so how else will they fix the mistakes for you? Wow they are really strict for this form
  9. You are amazing!! Thank you so much, I will do that today. Did you find that it caused a delay in your visa process or no?
  10. So far, it looks like it's the 1st and 2nd week of the month as evidenced by previous interview scheduled. Some people get scheduled out of frame if someone gets canceled too
  11. Thank you very much for the information. What email exactly am I writing to, there are a few ? Because in the past I have tried to contact them with no reply, so could you please direct me to the exact email you contacted them?
  12. Thank you for your response, do you know if they can fix it right away or no?
  13. Has anyone unlocked DS-260 during interview to fix a mistake and lived to talk about it? I unfortunetly made a clerical error on the Given Name for the IV and did not include the middle name. Although, it clearly states to put it there. I did double check everything however, I still managed to miss this error. I am so upset at myself right now, because I only now just saw the mistake and will ensure to mention it at interview. Does anyone know if they can unlock it and fix it right away or they unlock it for you to fix it on your own? Because essentially, unlocking it would mean a new confirmation page and number correct? Does it also cause a significant delay in processing the visa? If so, could the delay be many months and it could vary? Thank you! Much love p.s Some people on here leave such rude and insensitive comments, so if you're one of the them; don't bother commenting. We are all going through a stressful journey so be more understanding. However, if you have not made a mistake ever in your life, then please feel free to excrete your thoughts.
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