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  1. @RoelGreat! At least I know my case is not a exception.
  2. No, the VO just took my passport and tied to my file with a rubber band. He gave me a white paper with instructions of how to retreive my passport.
  3. hi, guys: I attended the IV interview in Guangzhou on May 17. After about 20 minutes' torture, the VO said: Congratulations, you visa is approved. But it has been 5 days (includes weekend), the CEAC status still shows ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. Is this normal? Or does anyone know the reason?
  4. They are still scheduling appointments for next following month. Called this afternoon, appointment was scheduled this morning. Finally!!!!!!! Consulate: Guangzhou China Scan date: Feb 5, 2018 CC: March 5, 2018 CC email: March 14, 2018 Appointment: May 17, 2018
  5. Congratulations for all those who have been assigned appointments!! Does your case status on CEAC change after finding out the appointment date?
  6. I have the same question. My CC is on March 14 and in the queue awaiting interview. Guess they will start scheduling on March 28 and first week of April. Wish you have are on the top of the list so you can get the appointment as early as tomorrow.
  7. I'm in F2B category, just notified by NVC my case was completed on March 14, 2018. I called several times, NVC just said I'm in the queue awaiting appointment overseas. Does anyone have idea how many days longer I need to wait until I get the visa appointment in Guangzhou China? Does different Visa category has different priority to get the appointments when available? I'm living in US now, and I need to plan earlier before I departure for the Visa interview, so the time frame is critical to me. If anyone have similar knowledge, please share.
  8. Danche

    NVC Checklist Letter

    It's great to hear from you. I had a attorney filed the i-864 for me. I do have a co-sponsor but for some kind of reason she just suggested to use asset to make up the income short. I'll definitely mention this to my attorney. If I add a co-sponsor, can I use the 2016 tax return? The reason I ask is 2017 tax season is end on April 17th. Also, in your experience, does this letter means my case is completed at NVC? The reason I am asking is because I clearly see "DON'T SEND ANY DOCUMENTS TO NVC". And I don't find any other instructions on what's I am suppose to do next.
  9. @pushbrk,

    Two days ago, I received an checklist email from NVC (last part is attached).

    I notice you commented on someone's post and that case is pretty much similar to mine. Can you explain my questions:

    1.I know my income is below the poverty line, so I already submitted proof of assets (about a 700,000 worth house) together with other files, but looks like they didn't check my proff of asset will leave it to CO. Does it mean I need find a co-sponsor just in case?

    2. Does this letter means my case has been approved and completed at NVC? I didn't receive any notification and further instructions.

    Thank you for your time!



    1. pushbrk


      Please post your question in the applicable public forum, where others can benefit from the discussion.  That's how VJ works.

    2. Danche



      Yes, I did. I do get comments, but they literally explained the meaning of the letter. If you got time, please kindly check the post below. Thanks!


  10. Danche

    NVC Checklist Letter

    @ShyLucy, if it means case completed, it will be great. Thanks for your info.
  11. Danche

    NVC Checklist Letter

    Does it mean my case is completed?
  12. Danche

    NVC Checklist Letter

    Thanks for your tips, I definitely will take them into consideration, just in case. But in the letter, I was told not to send documents to NVC, but bring them to interview. It's so confusing since how do I get the case completed if I don't send required documents?
  13. Danche

    NVC Checklist Letter

    I know my petitioner's income is below poverty line, so when filing, I already submitted proof of asset to cover the requirement. Now looks like the NVC is not going to evaluate the asset and leave it to local post. So my question is, does this letter means my case is completed? I have no idea what I am supposed to do next.
  14. hi, VJ members: Today, I just received an email from NVC. Can anyone please explain what does it mean?