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  1. they just suck. My husband is taking a citizenship course in Jersey and they told him that Newark is the most backed up location on the east coast... I was like how lovely we have already been waiting over a year... so ridiculous. I wish they would just let us bypass the interview. It seems like that has happened to some people (not sure if they were Newark location or not though).
  2. my local office is Newark too. I havent received anything and wasnt sure if I should request a missing mail note or not.
  3. I just can’t believe they are going to send New receipts out vs either changing the system, schedule the damn interviews, or waive them completely. Two years is just so stupid. It doesn’t even make sense why it’s two years. The system really needs to change. They just need to push the cases through especially when you can clearly tell by the stack of paperwork who’s marriage is legit and who’s isnt. I’m just so upset and frustrated about this. I’m only thankful that my husband is in the country with me and we are not apart like we were when waiting for the cr-1 to be approved.
  4. Did anyone see this frikn update? 24 months now instead of 18 months! fml. This is such bullshit. THey should just waive interviews and get this going already. USCIS Extends Evidence of Status for Conditional Permanent Residents to 24 Months with Pending Form I-751 or Form I-829 September 03, 2021 Starting Sept. 4, 2021, USCIS is extending the time that receipt notices can be used to show evidence of status from 18 months to 24 months for petitioners who properly file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, or Form I-829, Petition by Investor to Remove Conditions on Permanent Resident Status
  5. Has anyone travelled internationally or to Europe with the extension letter? We are planning a trip to Italy to see my in laws in August and our lawyer advised that it may not be a great idea due to possibility of having issues re-entering the US at this time with the letter? Did anyone have any issues re-entering using the letter?
  6. hi everyone, I just received a notification that my I-751 is being scheduled for an interview... this was as of 5/19/2021. Fingerprints were taken on 5/14/21. I believe that the interview will be in Newark but I wont know until we get the letter in the mail. Hoping for the best.
  7. hell yes! go apply for citizenship lol dont wait for anything. My lawyer told us that applying for citizenship can expedite the I-751. I would not wait when it comes to USCIS, as long as you are eligible to you should totally go for it.
  8. ohhh okay thank you ! I believe so yes. Im located in the New Jersey New York area so I believe that the local USCIS is the Newark office. Dont worry your notice will come soon!
  9. hi guys a little update for MSC filers - I just received my biometrics letter. It is dated April 16, 2021. and the appointment is for May 14th. My status online stilllllllll states case received. INSANE... 10 months later but i finally got the stupid biometrics letter! Slow progress but progress!
  10. https://www.aila.org/publications/videos/quicktakes/quicktake-302-aila-and-partners-urge-uscis Guys has anyone every followed or heard of AILA? I found this article and I just found out that they are having a meeting with a bunch of congressmen/women today at 10am to address USCIS issues/backlog. I tried to subscribe to the meeting but you have to be a lawyer to attend from my understanding. This may be helpful/may not. I Just wanted to share in case anyone was interested.
  11. I saw this yesterday and was like wait a second... wasn't this higher before? Now I know my thought was right! Sooooo where is our approval already lol
  12. I forgot what I did but I think I either kept hitting 0 after the options or I listened and clicked for any option that would lead me to a person.
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