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  1. Hi Londonergirl. I don’t know as to which extent will they check all the addresses but I only stayed to one address since I came here and have my name on both electric and virgin media bill. Thanks
  2. Thank you so much Prof_Q for the advice. I’ve spoken to one US immigration lawyer. Thanks. As to police clearance, I know some who were able to secure their police clearance when they left here irregardless of their status. Thanks a mill.
  3. Hi Khallaf. I am fully aware of that. We will do it this April after his visit here and we will sort all the evidence needed together. Thanks
  4. Hi Khallaf. Thank you so much for your input. I will try to do that. God bless
  5. Hi Chris.. Thank you so much for your response.
  6. Hi Roel. Yes I’ve read that, too in some posts here. I am planning to go home and have the interview in my country of origin. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I have been reading posts here on VJ and I just want to ask if is there anybody here who had the same experience as mine. I am undocumented for 6 years and still here (NOT in the US) and we are planning to apply for the k1 visa. He has been visiting me here and we want to move forward. We are worried that my status will make an impact in our application and Will be a reason for denial. We will be putting my country to where our application will be forwarded. Hope someone can give me advise here. Thanks a mill. God bless