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  1. My stupid question. Will an immigrant be eligible for public assistance when I-865 expires approx in 10 years or 40 quarters of work?
  2. What I meant was taking 100s pictures with you to the interview while forgetting that they're just secondary evidence. I don't know when you had your interview. I had it just yesterday when supreme court issued their new rulings that allow trump administration to enforce wealth test on new applicants. Whether it's coincidence or not I haven't read people on VJ got grilled a lot about it until I experienced it myself.
  3. Affidavit of support I-865 is a contract between petitioner and US government. So they were grilling my husband and asking him if he made enough and had benefits. Then they warned me if I ever got public assistance, the government would charge him. They don't care if beneficiary works because if they are unemployed and need assistance, they're supposed to ask their sponsor for help, not the government.
  4. Forget about massive amount of pictures. They don't care about them. They're more interested if you can prove them the beneficiary will not be on public assistance. Under new rules they can deny you if you can't prove otherwise. That was the questions we were grilled on. The officer stopped talking about it until we showed her petitioner made enough and we had life, medical, vision, dental insurance
  5. I also signed a statement letter which says if I ever receive public assistance the government will charge it to my sponsor. I don't know if it's something new because I've never read anyone talked about it or they just didn't. The officer also stressed about sponsor must make sure the beneficiary will never receive any public assistance and she made an impression that my sponsor made ess than poverty line until we showed her the pay stubs and the benefits we got (life insurance, medical, vision, denral and health insurance). I guess this is because new broaden regulation that new immigrant can be denied if they will receive not only cash but also non cash public assistance?
  6. Got interview today at SJ field office in Santa Clara. The interview was okay although the officer was quite intimidating. I can tell if you don't speak English or you're the one who visit once and propose and have not much joint assets or from low income for fear of receiving public assistance, they might target you and grill you more to challenge if your relationship is legit. I just checked the card is being produced and I believe I should get the card within 2 weeks. My future employer is waiting for me to have my GC in hand and I'm sure they will be happy if I can show them I don't need employer's sponsorship and my green card is approved.
  7. Got the interview notice yesterday. Our interview will be in san jose field office on jan 27. It seems SF field office is assigning some of the cases either to Sacramento and San Jose. The speculation is my EAD/AP renewal triggered USCIS to schedule my interview. @AJCM theory is right. They don't want to lose their money if I skip ROC due to their own tardiness
  8. Got the interview notice yesterday. Our interview will be in san jose field office on jan 27. It seems SF field office is assigning some of the cases either to Sacramento and San Jose.
  9. Our ZIP code is under SF field office jurisdiction but we live one hr drive to SF and SJ so I don't mind where they will schedule the interview (we are still waiting for the snail mail from USCIS). We don't even mind of driving up to Sacramento field office if we need to. Some people feel a little bit nervous about their interview but I don't know why I just feel calm. Thanks for wishing us good luck. I will certainly give the update once we're over it
  10. I even expected them to schedule my interview in 2021, in line with their normal processing time and even a couple months late so that I could avoid filing for ROC. But I guess your attorney is right. The EAD/AP renewal triggered them to schedule the interview because they don't want to lose their money if we skip ROC
  11. It happens with me too. I sent EAD/AP renewal within 180 days before it's expired and one week after I received my NOA1, my interview is scheduled. I'm in SF field office where the normal processing time is 18-22 months. I sent the renewal because I want to keep working and travelling, it turned out USCIS scheduled our interview earlier than normal processing time
  12. I just sent my EAD/AP renewal and it will be adjudicated in April-may 2020. I'm not expecting my interview until dec 2020 although I hope they will interview me in 2021 so that I will get my 10 years GC. So yeah I'm not in hurry 😉
  13. @AJCM, 22 months from feb 13 (My NOA1) would be in December 2020. It would be very close to my second wedding anniversary in January 11. I would be happy if the interview would be held after that so we can skip ROC but who knows what's with USCIS beside more paper works and waiting time. I'm expecting my EAD/AP renewal will be adjudicated sometimes in May 2020 and I don't mind of sending them another renewal in December 2020 if I haven't heard from them about interview date. I told my friend, applying anything with USCIS is like cooking rice. You put the rice in rice cooker, add some water, close it, punch the button and let it be. Don't even think of open it or ask when it will be cooked or you risk yourself of driving you crazy. I'm happy with my EAD/AP, got my driver lisence which is good til 2023, got a job and not to worry about getting GC except I have to pay attention to the dates for EAD/AP renewal. I already feel at home here in SF.
  14. I checked the normal processing in SF is 22 months now. Since I live in south of SF, San Jose would be a perfect alternative if USCIS assigns our interview. To be honest it's okay if we can skip ROC and get 10 years GC instead. I just sent EAD/AP renewal last week and waiting for my NOA1. Thanks for compiling the data. My time line can be seen on my signature
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