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  1. It will come within a week or two
  2. You might got to the wrong thread. Mostly here adjusting status from K1 visa after they enter the country. I'm not familiar with CR1. But what I heard you don't need to adjust status once you're in the US and will receive Green Card and SSN within weeks
  3. @Bure, you might also want to join February AOS filers too ☺
  4. I'm happy to see that February filers are starting to get their biometric scheduled. My NOA1 is Feb 11, so my turn might be around the corner!
  5. No authorized people may enter the embassy if they don't have their name in the invitation. They may wait outside the embassy for you
  6. I asked this on February 2019 AOS filers and didn't get an answer. How long do you usually wait to get biometrics scheduled?
  7. You just received it later than ours. It might have taken longer because of the bad weather. But it's good to hear. Technically you belong to January filler but we're happy to have you here too. Congrats for finally hearing something from USCIS!
  8. How long usually we have to wait til we get our biometrics scheduled?
  9. Don't worry, hun. you'll get your notification soon. the only thing that USCIS does quickly is just cashing our check 😄
  10. I peaked your timeline but you didn't updated it. But again congrats. I love to hear that it took you only 75 days from NOA1 to approval!!
  11. When did you file your AOS, @VickeySis? I'm so happy for you that one step is finally over and you can take a break from USCIS for at least one and half year!
  12. Our valentine's day present is text from USCIS which telling us they received our AOS package. Now the wait will be like waiting for NOA2 of I-129F. the difference is now we're waiting together and I love our marriage life and this will be our first Valentine together as husband and wife. Happy Valentine's day for all of you and stay dry and warm. It's been raining and we've been having storm here in SF Bay area!
  13. We sent it on Feb 5 and it was supposed to be delivered in Feb 7 but it didn't get there til Feb 10 which is Sunday. So they received and started the process on following monday on Feb 11 for EAD and AP. My AOS received date is Feb 13. That's when they cashed our money.
  14. I received three texts from USCIS last night and will be expecting NOA1 next week. My package were supposed to be delivered in two days but bad weather delayed the shipment so February 11 filer here. Hope this will be over soon!!!
  15. Sent the AOS on Feb 5 and due to bad weather, it's not delivered yet. So I guess, I belong to this group. Hopefully they will cash our check as soon as they receive it *fingers crossed