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  1. Saiali

    K1 Interview

    Thank u. Medical passed.
  2. Saiali

    K1 Interview

    Congrats. We will give u heads up my finance interview is 9/24. He's literally ay his medical appointment right now.
  3. I know this post is late but u should go bc u may find your way back to each other once u are in the same space. 🙌🧚‍♀️🧚🏿‍♀️👍🤞🧚‍♀️❤. Just know are not alone and don't give up easily. Sometimes a fresh start is as easy as saying I love u and i'm sorry. Focus on the good memories and qualities u both share.
  4. She just needs to apply. She needs to list u and your family as her point of contact on the application. Also provide printed booked hotel itinerary with the application. Inbox more details on how I did my app as I have a multi entry visa.
  5. Saiali

    K1 Status mismatched for SSN

    In California u can be on your finance/ spouse insurance prior to marriage. With my ex we had to sign a domestic partnership form and turn into HR as well as copy of his I-94. Side note I do work for a big corporation which hires many immigrants to improve diversity and so our insurance is pretty flexible even my parents can go on my insurance as long as they have permanent residency in CA.
  6. That is incorrect. We met chatted for 3 months and started dated online 6 months prior to meeting in person. Met twice and decided after second meeting and family acceptance of the relationship to file. Now we finally have interview later this month. 🤞😍👍😃🤗no matter the outcome we have chosen we will be together no matter circumstances. Also my fiance is from Algeria. We both have good jobs that we have been at for many years and didn't receive a rfe either. Each case is different I honestly feel it's in whomever is reviewing it at the time.
  7. Take time be patient CABRN isn't making u do anything extra that any foreign degreed person has had to go through. Each yr tighter restrictions with the board due to fraud and patient safety. As a 16 yr nurse endorsed here and someone who is chiropractor with CA license here 2yrs endorsed. Ca can seem tuff at times but just rethink through. Also the valley is at least 1000 cheaper a month than the bay area.
  8. Congrats
  9. Saiali

    Transit Visa

    Germany and Spain and France are the layover countries.
  10. Saiali

    Transit Visa

    Is a transit visa needed if there are no direct flights to usa from my fiance country?
  11. Best day ever..... Received NOA2..We got approved:D

  12. Saiali

    Hello everybody

    We filed nov 10. The generic answer i received when I called was wait till June 15 and then call again or submit an outside of usual processing time inquiry. I feel the same way when I see people who filled later already have news. I just try to remain positive and remember good results take time.
  13. If you are licensed in phillipines then you should take a review course here in US and apply to get your RN license. The review course is important to prepare you for american boards. Also if you dont pass the exam the first time around, Unfortunately you will have to retake the whole nursing program. Good luck.
  14. If u reread my post I never said anything specifically about the schedules. I spoke only on general information.
  15. @Italian no I wasn't referring to filing single. A majority of my co-workers file mfs due to the fact that a majority of us make 200k or more a few have small busineses and itemize instead of taking standard deductions and some of their spouses are self employed. However I am by no means a licensed accountant. @Paxiyikba I agree calculate both ways and go with the one who better benefits u as a couple.