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  1. our envelope isn't the problem. I'm more concerned with their filing system having most of our papers being the same size. A freakishly long single piece of paper leaves the potential for it getting ripped or something.
  2. Yeah I wasn't sure which it was, I've got a photocopy as well but we've got an original and another certified copy so we're just sending our extra certified copy.
  3. Alright, this is probably a really stupid question but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere on VisaJourney or Google. So, I've got a certified copy of our marriage license from the county clerk and it's a lot longer than a normal 8.5x11 sheet of paper, or even A4. It sticks right out and I was wondering if it would be an issue if we folded it? I wouldn't fold it over the lifted stamp or anything but want to know if it would be an issue. Hoping to finally send out our AOS package tomorrow! We meant to send it out last week but I've been busy with work.
  4. Thank you @Wuozopo! It's been a while since I've checked the site but we're sending out our package tomorrow and I've now got two months worth of wage slips to go along with my letter of employment for my current job. So hopefully this will be enough. Thank you for letting me know about the letter addressing my 2017/2018 Tax returns I wasn't sure what to do for them but I will make sure to include that! As well as the W2's to accompany my prior tax returns. Hopefully all is well now, but if I have any issues or get an RFE I will keep you all posted!
  5. Hiya... again, haha. If you were active on the UK/K1 forums I'm sure you're tired of seeing my posts but it's that time again - we're adjusting his status! We're all set to go now, got hitched on the 17th and took care of his missed vaccination with a civil surgeon. However, I'm not sure what to do about the affidavit of support so I was hoping to get some advice. The same cosponsor I had for his K1 is happy to cosponsor again if needed, but I'd rather just do it myself. At the start of the year I started my new job that makes well over the 125% requirement for our 2 member household but because it's so new, I'm not sure that it will qualify since it may not appear as stable enough to support. Does anyone else have any experience with this? I've still got the offer letter/contract I had to sign when I was hired that states my salary amount and job benefits/ expectations but I'm not sure if that plus my last two pay stubs will be enough? I mean by the time it's likely that his interview will come around I should have at least 4-5 months of pay stubs to support my affidavit but it's my understanding that it has to be enough at the time of filing. I should also mention I was exempt from filing taxes last year because I was living with my OH in the UK and wasn't working (I was a student and he was supporting us both, as I'm doing now that he can't work yet) so I won't be able to file a tax transcript for 2018. I do have one for 2017 but it's under the poverty line since I was only working a few months before I moved to the UK. I should also mention that I've been with the same company off and on for the last few years, only leaving when I was moving states or when I moved out of the country, though I'm not sure that it will make a difference. I appreciate any help or advice you might have! Thanks!
  6. I was able to get an earlier date for my fiance's interview. We originally had it booked for November 8th but I kept checking the website (about 2-3 times a day, haha) and I was able to snag one for October 24th but considering it's only about 2 weeks till the 18th I would say it's unlikely you'd be able to get one. It is possible that you'd get your visa back before Christmas with an interview on the 18th but I wouldn't book anything just in case! (Obviously, haha) When did you have your medical? Sometimes Knightsbridge can take a while to send over results but if you've already had it then you should be good to go for getting approved on the day!
  7. I've flown with them before in their "economy basic" seat and they're OK, nothing special but alright when you're trying to save money. I think the biggest downfall is that I'm 5'11" so my long ### legs were like RIGHT on the back of the seat in front of me. But because he needed extra bags I just ended up doing the highest option which was like $600 I think but Delta's cheapest flight was like $900 with one bag and they're the only other airline I could find that wouldn't have a layover in Newark, JFK, or Atlanta. I love him to death but I would worry about him navigating a huge airport after going through customs as he's not nearly as experienced in traveling as I am. I like the Iceland airport as a layover hub because it's tiny. I've had stop overs there at least 6 times. (I've been off and on living in Europe: Germany, Ireland, UK, since 2016 so I fly a lot, haha if you have any questions about a certain airline I could probably fill ya in) But I do have to say their "first class" includes 2 checked bags, food, carry on/personal item, priority boarding, the largest seat, and priority security at LGW. So I guess it's just more peace of mind for me knowing that he'll be taken care of, haha. Lucky duck!! I need to get a card that does air miles haha. What airline are you flying?
  8. Yeah I love it over here. I've never been to Howell but I've heard that it's nice! I'd love being that close to Birch Run/Frankenmuth haha. Ah I gotcha. Yeah he has a layover in Iceland but is flying from LGW to DTW. His POE will be Detroit as there is no pre-clearance in Iceland. (I was tempted to have him fly to Dublin then go straight from there, as they have it and their airport is lovely, but it was too expensive! haha. Was able to get him the "first class" on WOW air for cheaper than a direct coach flight with anyone else. Ahh I'm getting so excited!! 3 days!
  9. No problem! Congratulations on your approval! Yes he's flying in to DTW so I can let you know how is POE goes if you'd like. I'm in the thumb/ metro detroit area.We JUST moved so we used to live right on the St. Clair River but now we're closer to Anchor Bay.
  10. It changed to "Issued" on the 21st, I got the e-mail on the 26th and it arrived on the 27th. So just shy of a week from issued to visa in hand!
  11. We are UK as well.. didn't get a tracking email until the day before it was due to be delivered! Got the e-mail around 4pm and his passport arrived at 12:30 the next afternoon!
  12. February 7th Filer here! NOA received February 14th. My Fiance received his passport back with his K1 on Tuesday! He arrives on Sunday! 💕
  13. Yes at 12:32pm!! His flight was already booked for Sunday (I broke the golden rule and booked it when it switched to "issued" haha) Congratulations!!!
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