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  1. Good evening everyone. We filed for aos based on K1 in Brooklyn on Jan 29, 2019, moved to Queens a month ago and already got an interview notice for July 17. So the interview will be just 5,5 months after filing (maybe many would consider moving to Queens for faster processing). My concern is that we don’t really have documents like joint bank acc, insurance etc since we’ve only been married for 6 months and I never received ssn and ead . Literally, all we have is pictures and boarding passes on both names. Has anyone had same issue and was it a problem? Thanks.
  2. Good morning. Me and my husband are waiting for aos interview to be scheduled and I’d need your advise on mailing address. Our lease ended May 1st and it’s very difficult and stressful to find an apartment for rent in NYC. While we’re looking we got an Airbnb for a month (already updated address with USCIS) and will probably have to do it again for the next month or two. Is it alright to update your mailing address with USCIS every month or its better to rent a lockbox till we find a new place? I read many stories about people missing their notices because USCIS doesn’t update their address. I don’t want that to happen to us. So would appreciate your advise. Thanks.
  3. Just got approved! NOA1: 10/10/17 NOA2: 4/11/18 Just saw this in the app, the new website still shows received.
  4. Hello everyone. When we filed a i129f I submitted a letter of intent to merry with an electronic signature. Has anyone done it before and can it be a reason for RFE? Thank you.
  5. Hi there! The receiving date in the app and on the old website is 10th October and in the new one is 12th. I’m curious which in one is correct? Thanks!
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