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  1. Well there are still thousands of people that made the mistake and were not put in the position you are seriously pointing at.. You sound so bitter man..!!and so you know, I was asked if I have a prove that I have never been married before which I had with me...and I have not gotten the final decision yet so until then I still stay so positive man...once again thanks.
  2. Thanks for your answer! But do you think a spousal visa would have made the difference? and if I had the interview at my home country?do you think it could be "? deemed material"? Because towards the end of the interview the CO gave me this paper to write and sign that some of the information I put in the first application was not true, and I got a bit hesitant but she said that I don't have to but that it's really going to help if I do write it and sign.
  3. So when it gets returned what could be the next? Does that mean denied? Can we do anything at that moment?
  4. And yes I was asked why I live here.. But the thing is I have been living here even before I met my fiancee.. So I live and work here and it was only normal for us to file here when it's so obvious that I live here.. And no I'm not here for a gf, like I said I live and work here... My first interview was here coz this is where we filed...
  5. Oh man why are you soo hard on me.. You don't even know the situation why that happened,you never met me before..that was my first time of ever applying for a visa.. Well thanks for your input though..
  6. So after the last interview I was told that I will be contacted again.. Is it better to wait a little? That interview was really extensive and thorough and my fiancee was called and asked some questions too... And if we decide to proceed with the spousal visa how do we cancel the k1, assuming we ve not heard anything... And the CEAC website is showing "no updates" on our case.
  7. We have checked and it keeps bringing up that it's not updated yet..
  8. So how do I find out what happens to my 129F?
  9. Yes and that's a good advise because we have that at the back of our minds too.. But thanks a lot.. But do you think that after this second interview and actually calling my fiancee to actually confirm whatever is it that they are doing, that we might have a chance? Because they said to contact me again.. No final answer yet or asked to get more evidence or any documents after second interview..
  10. No we don't have large age gap difference.. I'm thinking, like I just answered the other person, my first application for US visa I was wrongly advised to put in that I was married and that have been asked in the first and second interview.. The second interview was very thorough on that and I answered and apologised again like I did on the first interview.. But after all I was not approved or denied but told to be contacted again..
  11. OH yes I provided everything needed.. But there is one thing though.. The first US visa I applied for, I was wrongly advised to put that I was married even though I was not, I was advised that it shows that I have a strong tie at home and that? They have asked me about in both the interviews so far..and I was truthful in the both and apologised.. But the second interview was really thorough and my fiancee was called and was asked some questions too..
  12. We have know each other more than a year.. She is visited twice.. We have lots of pics and conversations to prove that..evidence of meeting family members is here.. And from the first interview to this second one, they have not asked for any prove yet..that I don't why.. And they did call my fiancee too..
  13. I live in south Korea so i had my first interview on the 18th of Dec. 2018. And after that I was placed under AP, and I wasn't given any reasons why or asked to bring any more document, But then barely 1month I was called for another interview which happened this month on the 23rd,and this interview was conducted by the FPU unit,and during this interview my fiancee was called In the US and asked a lot of questions which I have never heard before, but then it all went well because she gave them the answers just like I gave them while they asked me some of the questions they asked her..(and they really asked lots of questions) But then after the interview I was told that I will be contacted again soon. So right now I don't know what else they could be checking, or if I will be called for another interview or something else, or if I will be approved, I and my fiancee are just in this place where we don't just know what else to do.. Please has anyone experienced this? Or know someone that has? Or what's your opinions on this? Do we have hope of been approved? Thanks.
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