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  1. Ok.... yet another dumb question. Whether I go for another K1, an I-130, or an I-130 & K3, in all cases Juarez is the bottleneck. As you have just aptly pointed out, the chances of actually getting a K3 are slim to none so would I be better off going the I-130 route and have her attempt to obtain a visitor visa for which she could interview in Tijuana? Just a thought. I know that it is a long shot as well but it sounds like it may be no more unlikely as the K3 so what's the harm? Just brainstorming here.... Already been through a failed K1 attempt and not really looking forward to waiting another 2+ years to get her stateside.
  2. According to the statistics here in the forum, the average wait between NOA2 and the interview for Mexico is 586 days! Maybe that’s why they are approving a few K3’s for Mexico. Makes it tempting to just reapply for the K1 after looking at those statistics. 🥺
  3. Follow on questions.... When I file my K-3 petition, do I have to submit all the same supporting documents that I had to earlier for the K1? Also, is there any evidence to filing the I-130 online will speed up the process at all? It makes sense that it should or why else would they be rolling it out. Just curious.
  4. Oh yes. I already received the denial letter. It’s just that I’ve read on here where people advise you to send in a withdrawal letter. Just didn’t make sense in our case. I had thought about the K3 but had been told that it more or less a myth. If it doesn’t cost anything, then why not? I had no idea that they had a way to file an I-130 online. I will definitely research that. Thanks so much for all your help and advice. I wish there was a way to continue our timeline as it seems I’ll just have to start a new one. I think it would be helpful for people in our situation to be able to reach out to others who have had their K1 denied and then went on to file an I-130. There’s no place to enter a date for K1 denied at the USCIS stage. People just tend to disappear. Thanks again for everyone’s help!
  5. So could you help me understand what’s the point in withdrawing a petition that they have already denied at the USCIS stage?
  6. I’m confused. When I look at the USCIS website regarding withdrawals, is specifically mentions BEFORE a petition is denied or approved. Mine was denied at the USCIS stage. I never even received a NOA2. What exactly is the purpose of submitting a withdrawal letter when they have already denied my case? Just a little confused. I can see where it makes sense for people that have gotten further along and the case is being sent back and is somewhere in between.
  7. Sorry to butt in on this thread but I posted a very similar question on another thread that I started but I did not get a definitive answer. Our K1 was denied at the USCIS stage. We never received a NOA2. We are planning to go the I—130 route and as I understand it, I should send a withdrawal letter for my denied I-129F. Does anyone have a suggested format for a withdrawal letter and since we got denied early on, where do I send it? The address in Texas where we sent the original petition? United States Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Attn: I-129F 2501 South State Highway 121 Business Suite 400 Lewisville, TX 75067
  8. Is there a recommended format for this withdrawal letter? Where exactly do I send it? Can it simply be sent in with the I-130 petition for added clarity or would that be the wrong address to send it to?
  9. One more question.... We've decided to go the I-130 route but I was wondering if I need to send a withdrawal letter to the USCIS before we submit the I-130 petition?
  10. Thanks for sharing your suggestion! It is good to know that that has worked for your RFE. I think our problem was trying to prove she was eligible to marry based upon a Single Status Certificate as opposed to addressing the actual termination of the common-law marriage. Since it was not clear to us how to obtain proof of the termination of a common-law marriage, we tried the Single Status approach which has appeared to work for some people on the forum in similar situations.
  11. Well it sounds like the consensus is that there is no need to go the appeal route. What really is the time difference between the K1 and the CR1 nowadays. I just wanted to be with my fiancée ASAP. She has no way to visit me and I travel down there as I often as I can but it’s still hard.
  12. If we use the form that documents the establishment and dissolution of the common law marriage, the form has a place to notate the end of this marriage which would be back in 2017 which is before the I-128F was filed.
  13. Well the form provides a place to put the date when it started and when it ended so I’m hoping not. We’ll know more tomorrow. I’m meeting with my attorney here and her ex is meeting with an attorney there in Mexico. Assuming I can get this document, do you think we should appeal the K1 denial, reapply for a K1, or go the I-130 route for the CR1?
  14. Do you think they will have a problem with the document since it is not called an “Acta de Divorcio”? It appears to meet all of the other requirements. I’m just not sure how picky they are. It will clearly show her ex’s name and information which will be consistent with her previous visitor visa application. It should suffice as proof that the common-law marriage has been terminated.
  15. That all sounds good but when I submit the I-130, it’s going to ask for previous marriages and will require me to produce proof that all of her previous marriages were terminated - no different than with the K1. Will they accept this certified document in leu of an actual divorce decree?
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